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Recycling-Ombre DIY trash can

This ombre DIY trash can was made from an old pretzel container! Instead of throwing it away, Shannon decoupaged a trash bin with colorful papers.

Hello there! I'm Shannon from Rosyscription and I am so excited that Amy invited me to my ombre DIY trash can with you today. This is a fun recycled craft idea!
I guess every crafter generates a certain amount of waste, how they manage. It is inevitable! What helps me corral my trail of scraps is to have a small trash bucket next to me on my craft table.
recently I have a new and wanted to. I didn't want to go out and buy to knock something new in my craft room.
And, creative gal, of course I wanted tomy-paper basket not too sweet, also!br>
you can waste (or a storage canister) with pretty paper. I decided to use gradient color, shades of color, so that my DIY trash can would fit, my color craft storage room is blocked in my basement. But I think each of the coordinating prints or colors could be wise.
do you Want to know how to make these (practically free) little garbage cans?
Well, first of all, you need to eat a tub of pretzels. (usually not a problem in our house!) Or, if you don't have a plastic tub, you could store them using the method below to jazz up a plain trash can from the home. Just grab some fun paper and start decoupaging!
DIY paper basket
Collect These Supplies

Colorful scrapbook paper
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
1 large, clear plastic container (like a pretzel tub)
sponge paint brush
paper cutter or scissors
razor blade

h4 style="text-align: center;"> , such As the striped and decoupaged DIY paper basket
Remove step 1: Prep the container

all the labels from your containers. With the blade, very carefully cut the top of the plastic container, to an open design can.
step 2: Plan your design

Find out where your strips of paper are placed on the can. I chose to fill the middle area of my container, between two horizontal lines/bumps that were already there. The bumps served as a natural guide for me to work in.
step 3: Cut paper

With your paper cutter, cut a number of strips of paper to fit in the specified area. All of mine were the same length, but the width difference a little variety. (I like to live dangerously!)br>step 4: Cut each strip down

Grab your first length of paper. Brush a thin strip of Mod-hodgepodge Satin in the area you want to cover the paper. To press, place the strip over it, and be sure and smooth out any bubbles.
Select the next piece of paper and brush more glue next to the first strip. Slide the next strip of paper just under the edge of the one before it and press it down.
Repeat this process, working around the can. During this time, keep an eye on the previous strip, allow to dry and smooth out any bubbles that you are seeing pop-up.
Once you work around the circumference of the tin with the strips, do your best, the last strips meet and overlap with the first.
step 5: Add another layer of protection

do you Use more Mod to seal hodgepodge and brush on at least 1-2 layers of the glue over the surface and protect the paper. After these layers are dry, you can begin to throw out the garbage! 😉
I love that I have this garbage with stuff I already had around the house! It is the perfect size for sitting next to me, as I a mess of things to create. It matches my paint chip-inspired ombre craft storage space and storage I have it here, if I'm not tinkering:
This tutorial could be used to be a personal trash can or canister-fits in any room in your house.
And I can tell you, my favorite part about this project? The circular rainbow stripes that you can see, the inside of the container! So pretty!
as much As I need a place for my trash, I have to tell you something: this garbage is not so cute that I want to junk into it. But I don't think I have a choice . . . I need it! Remember, I'm a decent handyman?

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