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Recycled Bottle Wall Vase Display Flowers

Display fresh flowers and herbs in your house this summer with an easy-to-make-wall vase using a recycled bottle.
Hello friends!
Does it finally feel the summer in your house? One of my favorite things about summer is all the fresh, self-grown flowers in my garden.
I'm absolutely no expert breeder, but I have a few plants that seem to bloom beautifully all summer long.
Since I am always looking for beautiful ways to display them in the house, I thought I would share this simple flower wall vase tutorial with you!

DIY wall Vase
Everything you need to get started is a piece of wood, Mod hodgepodge Mat, a brush, a piece of decorative paper, ink, two screws and a screwdriver, metal trim, and an old bottle.
If you can’t find an old bottle, a vintage-inspired soda bottle would Super work! The metal trim I found at Hobby Lobby, and I've noticed that a lot of craft stores now sell section for something similar in the craft.
began To get, first you cut your wood piece into a 6″ x 8″ piece of. Then you cut to fit your paper, the edges of the top and ink just to get you to a old used look.
Next, coat both with your paper, and wood with Mod conglomeration, and close. A further thin layer on the upper side of the paper. If you are planning to your vase outdoors, add a few extra layers.
Otherwise, the coat should be abundant.
To your Mod hodgepodge is dry, in the middle of your glass bottle on the wooden Board, and measure how much you trim need. The metal was trim I cuts easily with scissors, but you might need pliers depending on how thick it is.
Next, take your screwdriver and fasten the metal cover with a screw on each side. Make sure you do not pull the trim really closely, so that the bottle can move. If you are nervous that the bottle might slip, just add a little glue to the back of the glass.
should fit your bottle tight inside when you're done. If you add water to your vase, just carefully pour it in, without the paper wet.
That’s it! so easy. This looks beautiful on a table, but can easily be hung on a wall. Simply select the frame hardware for the back side of the wood.
I have a beautiful lavender plant in my garden, and we were weeks rotating fresh-cut lavender for the last few, It smells sooooo good! I have my wall vase hanging to the right of the page, and the entry in front of my door, so it’s easy to see and smell when you walk in my door.
goodness, I have so blooming much lavender right now, I just need a few of these wall vases for neighbors too!
Happy summer friends. I hope you enjoy the sunshine, cool breeze, and sharpen grown blooms, too! Don’t forget to visit me on my blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.


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