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Recycling a CD case In a Little girl's handbag

Ever wonder how to recycle a CD case? This simple craft uses an old CD-tin -, paper -, and Mod-pick-and-mix to a nice Mod hodgepodge tin purse!
Hello Mod-hodgepodge-fans! My name is Jax from Aly and ash. I'm so excited to be posting here today with my Mod-the hodgepodge of tin-purse. Isn’t amazing Amy? Not only is she a total Mod-hodgepodge rock-star . . . but she is so supportive and encouraging of us crafty bloggers, it’s incredible.
So a while back I had a Mod-hodgepodge-star Tin for my niece Aly to store their bows in . . . also, the bows, she was in love with the box and carries it everywhere forget.
It barely fits in your backpack, but it is often travels to school with her! This gave me the idea of something similar . . . and a LOT smaller.
Recycling a CD case In the purse
step One: keep the box, but still in all directions, a broad Band on the back of the box open, I used to attach the Mod smorgasbord,.
step Two: While closed, wrap the Band around the secure on the front. I was impatient, so I accelerated the drying phase with a hair dryer on the cool setting, rubbing out the bubbles as it dried. Cut off the excess tape.
step Three: Draw, cut, and Mod-hodgepodge, some scrapbook paper on the front and back of the box cover of the Band. I used Sparkle Mod smorgasbord on the top of your hair, it extra girlie!
step Four: Once the outside is completely dry. Open and flat. They cut to secure the desired length of ribbon for the strap and hot glue to the inside. When attaching, glue the ribbon right side down so it will lay right when worn.
step Five: Trace, cut and Mod to coordinate the hodgepodge of paper on the inside for your Band.

step Six: decorate the front and you’re done. Aly was so excited about her new purse!
Now you know how to recycle a CD case into a little purse, you can children's a pair for all of your and your friends. You have something to do with those old AOL CDs, right?
Now come on over to Aly and ash, to see what Amy has “podged” for us. And while you’re there check out some of my other projects, tutorials and free templates. Thanks again! -Jax

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