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Recycled Furniture: Mod-Patchwork-Fabric Table

I revised this fabric-table in this unique upcycle furniture project! Learn how to do it yourself, with Mod-hodgepodge. So easy!

I love a good upcycle furniture project! I’m please to share the results of my “fabric table” makeover with you today. They call me the DIY queen! I’m kidding, but I'm happy with the results.
This upcycle table is colorful, as I am (to say a kind of kind of a goofball), and I love the owl fabric that I Mod Podged to the top. I’d do, how to go through this table again, because if you have fear of this, a piece of won on your own, you’t be afraid, according to these recycled furniture tutorial.
There are several steps, but if you are patience and give yourself the time to complete the project, you are to have fun and love the results. To jump as usual, let’s.
This small display shows you most of the goodies that I used to have the Recycling of this table. Here’s the full list of consumables:

wood table – mine is from the thrift store, sanded and painted white as a basecoat
Mod smorgasbord of fabric and Mod hodgepodge of gloss (you can also use Matte or Hard Coat as a finish for extra durability)
FolkArt paint – Asphaltum, citrus Green, Jamaican sea, Kelly Green, lavender, Ocean Cruise, Pure Black, Titanium White (the colors that coordinate with your fabric)
fabric, 1/2″ yard, or enough to your tabletop. I used Alexander Henry's Spotted Owl in light blue
brush, at least one large and one small, and a liner brush
template or painter’s tape (optional)
Brayer (optional)
Cute mushroom apron (optional)

you must first prepare your fabric. You can do this by washing and drying, then Ironing them flat. Place it on a surface like wax paper and then spread a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord of over the top. Coat the entire top of the an area of fabric with Mod-smorgasbord, the slightly larger than your table. Let dry.
measure your table top and cut to fit the fabric. You’ll find that the fabric can be cut without fraying, since you Mod Podged. Cool, isn't it? Aside the fabric.
, coating the table top with the color of your choice. This, keep in mind – you are likely to see, the color of the table top, the the is through the tissue, that's why I chose this light blue. It was the same color as my background fabric and I thought it would bring out the blue in my fabric beautiful.
If you have a dark fabric with a light pattern, just stick with white as the background. I painted my entire table top and then let it dry.
While my table dried plate, I painted the legs with lavender. I have a kind of ADHD. Complete the legs and allow to dry coatlet.br> you’ll note that in this image, when I painted the table top, I made a mess on the sides. It really should’t be a surprise; I’m not the neatest painter in the world. We’re going to create here to restore order. And the “we” I mean “I.”
This is a great way to clean an edge. Just the line with a stencil or painter’s tape and then paint with your color (in my case, the titanium-White). Peel off the tape immediately, and you’ll have a nice, clean edge. Let dry.
about Turning the table and paint the base (directly under the top) with the color of your choice. I used ocean cruise. Completely cover and then dryinglet.br> I’m to be honest, this part was a blast. I made black stripes around the edge of the table top. As you’ll notice there is no method to my madness, and I didn’t-belt.
If you think you don’t, how you want to run the risk of a freehand, simply use your stencil or painter’s tape to section off stripes and color, the way. Peel off the tape immediately, and then dryinglet.br> look at my painted table with the tests to the tip. I’m so happy!
I know it’s been a while, but we’ve come finally to the best part – bust out of the hodgepodge, my friends! I thought I would use the Mat, but at the last minute I switched to gloss.
Grab your fabric from the first part of this project, and set it down on the table top. I have a page from the top and then the other. I literally poured out Mod smorgasbord on the table and spread started, to ensure that I had a medium layer of glue.
the fabric down over the Mod-smorgasbord, so you can be sure, I was always correcting my placement, and then I flipped to the other side of the fabric and repeated. You can feel like you have to much Mod-hodgepodge under the fabric, but you are better too much than not enough.
you Smooth the fabric down thoroughly with your hands. Remove as many bubbles as you can. Work from the center out to the edges.
I had to squeeze some of the hodgepodge out the edges. Just wipe it away with the brush.
This is where the brayer comes in handy. You don’t, but I can highly recommend it. Next you will roll the brayer over the fabric and smoothing it until you are satisfied. Wipe Mod hodgepodge that comes out of the sides. Allow to dry the fabric.
tip: If you find that your fabric goes over the edges a little, I use an X-Acto-knife to cut. Be very careful!
Coat the entire tabletop with Mod-hodgepodge. Don’t the rest of the table to do yet.
On the Basis of the table I added some floral decorations (pulled from the pattern on the fabric) with a smaller brush and my Citrus Green/Kelly Green. Have a coat, perhaps, that the flowers you select a couple of times, depending on the colors.
Go around the entire table base with your flower pattern. Don’t be to hard on yourself about how these look – they should be loose and whimsical.
Dot the centers of your flowers with the opposite color on the end of your brush. Let dry.
I have my liner brush, some of the stems of the flowers with Asphaltum. Let dry.
Decoupage the entire fabric table with a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord – let it dry and then repeat. Your upcycle furniture project is almost complete!
your choice of final finish can be Glossy or Matte with a clear acrylic sealer, or you can finish with a Hard-Coat for a long lasting, satin.
I’m very satisfied with my attempt, recycled furniture and the bright and cheery color palette makes me happy. Now you are ready to try a chemical-table-new-make your own!

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