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Recycled Easter Decorations: Staggered Shopping Cart

Recycling-Easter-decorations are the best, because they’re a budget-friendly! You can make this unique multi-stage basket from yogurt cups. So cute!

Hello to all! Steph from The Silly pearl here to Easter decorations with Mod collection for the upcoming holiday (see our other Easter decor here)!
I was Umm looking at some of our empty yogurt containers, and said:“. . . what could I do?" And my husband shuddered in horror, imagining a tower, carefully washed yogurt cups fall on him.
lucky for him, I only have three, this Tiered DIY Easter nest. It is the perfect – budget friendly – Easter decoration!
I saved small, medium and large yogurt cups. If you are using light colored paper to cover your bowls, you may want to remove the labels. My brand that had labels I could pull it off. Or you can cover the labels with white paper. It’s up to you.
DIY Tiered basket
Collect These Supplies

Matt Mod hotchpotch
Mod hodgepodge Podgeable shapes
Rub-on Transfers
foam brush
paper doilies
Scrapbook paper
book pages
Jute cord
Empty thread spools
Small Easter eggs (plastic, Styrofoam, wood . . . whatever you are looking for, is in order)
hot glue
A popsicle stick

First of all, I have the doily. Actually, I simply applied the tips of the edges, which you can disable easily the doily. I have the Mod smorgasbord around the edge of the cups, then I smoothed the lace on the cups gently with my fingers. I used the foam brush to further press the doily in the curve of the cups.
Then I cut a piece of scrapbook paper for each Cup. The sides of the Cups are tapered much like a Cup of coffee, so I based my pattern on a coffee Cup sleeve.
I have just tried to cut it on scrap paper and the adjustment of the size and shape a few times before I found a good fit and a small, medium and large with scrapbook paper. I used Mod hodgepodge applied to the paper as well.
Next, I tore a few pieces of vintage book pages and randomly you decoupaged on the sides, so that the scrapbook paper underneath to peek. Your Easter decorations are coming together!
I glued ribbon to a piece of jute twine on the sides and a vintage button to the bow as pretty ornaments. You make in tiered baskets, I have coils stacked vintage to the risers and hot glued the tops and bottoms of the yogurt cups.
That's pretty much it for the baskets themselves...all you have to do now is fill the baskets with what they want to.
I put the Cup of yogurt with a bit of tissue paper, then some of the leftover pages of the book are shredded to make nesting "material for my eggs that I painted" it with chalk paint to give them a matte finish.
Then at the top, I used a Mod hodgepodge Podgeable shape and Rub-On Transfers. First, I traced and cut a piece of scrapbook paper in the shape of a bird. Then I transfer decoupaged on some more book page scraps as "wings", to which I applied the word "Easter" from my pack of rub-on. Next, I Form Mod smorgasbord on the back of the bird shape, I pressed the bird, the paper.
Finally, I hot glue a Popsicle stick on the back of the bird, I put in the tissue paper stuffing I had in the upper shell.
your recycled-Easter-decor is ready! You could use this idea for any occasion and every season I could start a empty yogurt Cup tower, after all (sorry hubby!).

Stop by my blog, The Silly pearl, for more Easter and spring ideas!

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