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Recycled Crafts: Decorate The Glasses

Recycling crafts so much fun and I love the price (free)! You’ll decorative glass pickle jars with scraps of fabric and ornaments – and very easily.

I’ve done a lot of Mod-conglomeration projects and decoration of jars is one of my favorites! Recycled crafts are SO much fun. I really enjoy doing crafty organization projects, I think, because I lack organization in my own life. It is hard for us hobbyists, right? Creative and organized, and not always mix!to celebrate br>in Order, back to school, as well as the crazy crafter in all of us, I've whipped up this "stuff" glasses. I have this with pickle jars, but you can food the same concept to baby jars or other small glass Container for the same results.
I forgot to mention that the best thing about this project – it was free! I recycled the glasses, and had the rest in my stash. How did I do it?
decorative glass pickle jars
Collect These Supplies

cucumber glasses – 3 large Recycling
Mod hodgepodge gloss
fabric-scraps – I had 3 fat quarters in my stash
Band – each glass takes about 20"
felt flowers
craft glue
Chipboard letters
Scrapbook paper
Flat brush
scissors, cutting Mat and wheel
tape measure and pencil,
wax paper or something to protect your table

Start with these beautiful accessories – from soft the glasses in the water, to the labels. This is why I love recycled crafts. To pay I didn’t something for the glasses!
you need to prepare the fabric. I cut some oversized pieces of fabric from the fat Quarter. Then wash wash and dry the fabric (not fabric softener) in the next charge. Iron and then lay out on a covered work surface. Wax paper is better, for the of the table cover.
With a brush, paint a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge Shine on your fabric. Let it air dry. This allows you to cut the fabric, such as paper, with no ragged edges. time the fabric the glasses fit. I have a cutting wheel and Mat, but if you don't measure-and then you do it with a pair of scissors. Leave about 1/2" extra so that you can overlap the fabric in the back. of the time! You are the substance, but first you need to put a Mod smorgasbord Basis. Paint a few inches of Mod-smorgasbord at a time. You need to smooth out the fabric to the glass, smoothing and application of Mod-hodgepodge of a few inches at a time. Make sure that you add a little more Mod-smorgasbord on the seam in the back.
can Smooth everything with your fingers, and then allowed to dry for about an hour.
After the jars are dry, add the ribbon at the top and bottom. I used to apply the glue. It was really easy, as pickle jars have a ridge (at least this), and this is where the Band sat. Make sure that the multi-function suture bar in the same place you have, the substance. Now you know where the back of the glass.
remove craft glue that comes in under the tape with a cotton swab. You can do it with your finger it smears everywhere (can you say, I've tried that?).
The last part is easy. You break out of your stash and plan what you will do. I had some felt flowers and buttons, so I laid out everything and kept switching buttons until I was satisfied. Attach everything with craft glue or decoupage to the bottom. Let it dry before using.
Here is what I used to embellish each glass:

blue glass – blue, eight felt flowers, grosgrain ribbon, to coordinate the eight blue buttons
Seafoam glass – seafoam velvet ribbon, small pieces of paper (Mod Podged the letters), chipboard letters spelling "pins" to coordinate 24 keys
Orange-glass – orange grosgrain ribbon with a green edge, of the large felt flower piece attached with craft glue

I am so happy with my recycled jars. I want apartment one of them for anything in my. They are so much fun!
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