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Recycled Furniture: Vintage-Photo-Transfer-Table

Try a recycled furniture project, probably want to find – this table was made with the color Mod smorgasbord of photo-transfer, and a vintage graphic!

Have you ever found a piece at the thrift store, they had the feeling of a new life? I just love a good upcycle furniture project! I found the cutest little corner table at my local Goodwill recently and felt so sorry for you.This table had a old, worn out paint and several patches, the plants in pots. In spite of the surface, the difficulties, the wood was in tact and it was solid.I knew that I could do with a bit of color and a little bit of help from an image transfer, to give this piece a new life! Read on to learn how I did it, as well as the complete transformation.Recycled furniture: photo-Transfer-tableCollect These SuppliesHP printers (inkjet)Vintage graphics – I always get mine are from The graphics Fairy (you can download free!)Acrylic paint – your choice of colorsMod hodgepodge GlossMod hodgepodge photo Transfer MediumFoam brush paint brush scissors sand paper (optional)directions:
Here is a picture of the table, when I brought the first one home. Can you believe how sad it is? This step is optional, but I recommend it, even if your furniture is unfinished. Use sandpaper to smooth the surface and/or rough up the old paint (to read my article on how to prep furniture for decoupage). Choose your color and paint your table. You want to paint with multiple layers – I have three. Allow the paint to dry between coats, and let it dry completely when you are finished. Paint your second color on the legs or other parts of the furniture project that you want to emphasize. These areas a minimum of two coats of paint and let it dry. While the table is drying, print a picture of your choice on an inkjet printer. Make sure it fits your table (or other furniture) and then cut out completely. Do not leave white space at the edges as this transfer is, together with the imagetip #1: If you select a picture with words, you need to you can Use the foam brush to spread photo transfer medium do not want to fully across the front of the image – spread enough, so that you can see the picture.Once the image is covered, turn it around and smooth it on your Desk, table, or other piece of furniture. Smooth thoroughly and let it dry for 24 hours.tip #2: If a photo-smoothing transfer medium comes out from underneath the edges of the image, as they are, wipe it away with a damp cloth. Use water to wet the image and RUB with a start. You keep rubbing portions of the paper path and the image will be revealed!Use medium pressure when rubbing – you want to use enough pressure so that the top layer of paper is removed, but not too hard. You don't want to ' RUB the image below! Once you are done removing the top layer of dry,let you Use Mod smorgasbord to seal the table. Add at least three layers and allow to drylet your upcycle furniture project is completed.
Show your upcycle table in a corner of your house and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.for More Mod-hodgepodge furniture projects, click here – you can also ideas 13 Mod smorgasbord table by clicking on it down here!

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