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"Santa Stop Here" Christmas-door-hanger

Make a Christmas door hanger, says Santa to stop at your house with vintage graphics. Add a special touch to the certificate Mod-hodgepodge, to make it pop!

Something about vintage Christmas images make me feel good about the holidays. Maybe it’s the nostalgic pictures remind me of the holidays with the grandmother? I have this Christmas door hanger out of 1/4 plywood, vintage copyright ephemera and Mod-smorgasbord.
Santa Claus door hanger
My supplies list:

3/8″ Thick plywood, got mine at Michaels and cut it to 4″ x 10″
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Mod hotchpotch
hole Sparkle bit with cordless drill
Clamp (I confess I saw, I didn't use one. I have it on my left hand, hold the plywood). Don’t do this if you don’t have the experience, use a clamp!!!

If you don’t know how to use a hole saw bit, see this video. Drill through the plywood where you want the hole want. Sand all corners and edges.
TIP: you can also do this step after you decoupage the graphic.

The next steps . . .

• Bleed air from the plywood with FolkArt varnish, allow to dry . . .

• I have ephemera for my graphics in photo-shop, with copyright-free. I offer a download of this image in my Etsy shop, if you are interested in this message.

• can I decoupaged the laser print with gloss Mod-hodgepodge, then dry.

I love using Sparkle Mod smorgasbord – it’s one of my favorite products. I love the three-dimensional impression it makes, especially for the creation of “snow.”

I have the brim of the hat, the Sparkle MP-highlighting areas of graphics, had:

snow on the chimney
snow on the roof
Santa’s, white of the jacket and the sleeve and pocket (see arrows)

TIP: Let it dry for about 20 minutes and then again in areas to build up the illusion of snow! I used about three layers, the perfectionist in me always aims for quality.
; steps” for the pine cones, and red holly berries. You look fantastic!!!

Once all steps of the application of Mod smorgasbord are dried, the result is really stunning! I am very happy with this very easy holiday gift will be appreciated for years to come.
project completed and ready to hang!

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