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"merry Christmas" Dimensional Christmas centerpiece

I’ve been to imagine, to try this dimensional Christmas centerpiece for weeks and finally found the time, the idea! You’ll love these cool trees!

Hey! It’s David from Cheltenham Road – I hope everyone had a great holiday season.
My Etsy shop goes a bit berserk around the holiday which is awesome and very satisfying, BUT there is little time for other issues-related projects.
been to imagine, this three-dimensional Christmas trees for weeks and was trying to finally have a little time to the idea.
Make each year to Christmas in the heart, I

“craft Sticks”'ve used:; from the Home Depot measuring 1/2″ thick by 2″ wide ($1.77 for 36″ in the lumber dept)
Scans of vintage Christmas paper and boxes
Matt Mod hotchpotch
White color

I put all the wood slats and drew basic triangles on them for the trees:

I then cut each slat to the required length:

(you can do this with a regular hand saw, as shown, but a chop saw makes quick work of it – just be careful with the smaller “tops” want to of the trees – you’ll have to go back to the hand saw for those for safety's sake).

I cut the wrapping paper by looking down in stripes:

and Mod Podged them into place on both sides of the slats. After you have thoroughly dried, I cut off all the excess paper and painted the edges of the fins white.
I wanted a slightly distressed look so I sanded a bit the edges down. And that was it!
Next it was just a process of gluing the pieces together with hot glue.

I like that you measure-and two-sided, so you can put them in the middle of the table!

I've also tried one where I left it flat, but, conversely, each slat for a kind of vintage-paper-collage look.

Have a nice holiday everyone! Thanks for all your comments on my projects and travels on my blog and Etsy shop. I wish you all the best for the new year!
tips and Further thoughts on this project:

I used scans of vintage paper, but you could not – gift wrapping paper, Christmas, napkins, scrapbook paper, etc.
I thought you needed a little base to keep it super stable – I have only glued the bottom to a few pieces of wood, and covered with snow
If you’re not in saws and power tools, you could totally do the same thing with Popsicle sticks or balsa wood and a sharp utility knife.
I decided (after I was finished, of course), I liked the paper that used designs or patterns a bit more, as those Santa faces had. To cut it is something a bit unchristmassy St. Nicks face in half!

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