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Queen of the Candy-Halloween skull decoration

Make a unique Queen of the Candy display with a papier-mâché surface – this Halloween skull style is perfect for the season!

Morena of Morena’s corner of the Mod is quite Podger, so I’m delighted that your Halloween is here guest posting, in particular. Morena around, you know, a skull or two, so that you’s made this beautiful Queen skull display to jazz up your home for the big day. Let guests admire your cunning as you grab a piece of candy from the bowl. Here, Morena is tell you how it was made.

Isn’t you take a look? We’ve been around called the Queen of skulls around my house. I wanted something shabby yet elegant, creepy but not too creepy, and I think you achieved.
For this project, you’ll have to:

3-inch candlesticks
papier mache skull,
Mod hodgepodge of Glitter, Mod hodgepodge shimmer, Mod hodgepodge of paper

First up: prep the tip. I dug into my vintage lace stash, but any top band would also work. Place it on a piece of freezer paper and generously apply Mod hodgepodge of glitter top. Turn it over and repeat on the other side. Let dry.
Spray-paint the plate, skull and candle black. If it is dried, apply Mod hodgepodge of shimmer to the skull and the candle. The MP dries to an amazing metallic shimmer to it!

While this is drying, start on the plate. Tear sheet music paper in pieces. They cover the surface of the plate with MP, and begin the observance of the pieces. After it is dried, trim the edges and seal with MP.
Back to the top: once it is dried, it is stiff, but still malleable. Peel the lace from the paper. Cut off any excess MP, and the shape of the tip in a crown. You can glue the ends, or, if the MP is still sticky, simply push together the ends and you will stay.

to assemble our Queen! Use a glue gun to attach the skull to the candlestick. Next, glue your lace collar at the base of the skull. Now you can glue the candlestick to the plate, and top it off with a pointed crown.
I think it looks good, a little wrong. I think you would look good in a more sophisticated Halloween bash, perhaps loaded with fine chocolates?
she looks good coming and going! All hail the Queen?

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