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Doll house craft from a cardboard-Box - Mod-hodgepodge rock

Don’t spend a lot of money on a doll-house – this doll-house-craft will show you how to make a great version of a cardboard box!
skills Required: beginner. This craft is ideal for all ages of the children – or even adults! What I love is that it uses a recycled box . . . so, if you “mess” it’s easy and inexpensive you can start over easy.

We’ve shown easy craft ideas for kids, and this is also yet another project that littles will really enjoy! If you love giving children their creative freedom, this craft is perfect.
I LOVE a doll's house-a project, unfortunately I have three guys and you really don’t care for doll houses. BUT I still really wanted to make. So I thought, creating a simple and easy dollhouse would be a great idea to share. I’ll take any chance I can to work on a girly-kids-project.that this DIY doll house is a really fun and fairly inexpensive project that the kids can work this summer. It’s a great project to keep you busy.
Collect These Supplies

Mod smorgasbord of Glossy or Matt
Small box
Scrapbook paper
masking tape
X-Acto knife

step 1 – Create your doll's house Form
First, I ran to Wal-Mart and grabbed a couple of boxes. These were around .50 cents per piece. BARGAIN !!!!
I cut out the flaps with my “loyal” X-Acto knife for the back wall. Then I cut all four flaps for the front opening of the dollhouse.

step 2 – Band box
next, I used adhesive tape with adhesive tape on the back with a crepe. I love using masking tape for projects like this; to dye it’s flexible and light.

step 3 – color Box
Now it’ painting;s time!! If I paint the boxes, I love it with these sample-size) colors you get at Lowes or Home Depot. You can use any color you want and get a good amount for around $3.00.
I have a total of three layers, and each let dry 20 minutes. I also avoid a hair dryer in order to that any warping. Spray painting is a good option, but that might be a little expensive at $4.00 a.

step 4 – Add wall on the back
Now for the FUN part!!!!! Our cool back wall to add. Of course, I grabbed some funky/cool patterned pieces from Michael's.
measure and cut your scrapbook to fit the paper, the back wall. I started at the top of the rear wall, by some of the Mod collection and laying my paper on top. Then on my way to work down. You don’t have Mod-hodgepodge with this, just paint on a thin layer.

step 5 – Adding Details
So this was a step I was pretty excited. I think that a little girl or a boy would have a blast, go through magazines and picking out fun accessories. Mirror, pictures, flowers, etc. My Pottery Barn catalog had a lot of options.
I painted on a small Mod smorgasbord on the back and gently put it on the wall. I also have a small Mod smorgasbord on the top.

I have a few pieces of wood furniture that I have from The Dollar tree have. I've been trying to think paint to match and I think it’s a sweet touch!
Since I’'ve got three boys;t have any small dolls display in my doll house craft. I didn’t even with a small super-hero! Very funny.. 😉
As I said at the beginning, this is a perfect craft to keep the kids busy this summer. You will have a blast, put together your house and play all summer. Would you try a DIY doll house?
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