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Sparkly piñata costume for a Halloween Pup

This Halloween piñata costume for a dog was so easy to create! It was with a PE shirt and felt. Simple and unique! This dog Halloween costume was a long time coming! Two things were instrumental in the formation of this idea: 1) this costume, and then 2) a little sombrero hat: I have NO idea where I got this sombrero hat. I’ve had it for so long in my craft stash. At one point, it was on a hanger and in a drawer of mine; when I moved into the new studio I crack it out of the headband (who knows why?) and put it on the top of one of my craft-supply-rack.I Bought the sombrero, because it made me smile, and so it was for months. I always wanted to head a picture of him on my pug Roxie’s, but never got around to it.It wasn’t until I brainstorm-dog Halloween costumes and saw Alana’s tutorial for the pinata costume that I inspired me to make my own.I grabbed one of Roxie’s old doggie T-Shirts and then went to Michaels for my craft supplies. Here’s how it all came together!dog Piñata costumeCollect These Suppliesdog t-shirt – there is a graphic on the top, so long as you’s small enough to cover upMini sombrero felt hatRainbow – I 8 sheets of Creatology brand used at Michaels; the amount, the one you use will depend on your dog’s size gold glitter – Martha Stewart-brand MichaelsMod hodgepodge GlossScissorsHot glue gun and glue stick ribbon – about 12″ or enough to wrap around the dog’s head and tape underneathRuler (optional) The first step was to try the dog t-shirt in the “model.”, you’t worn it in a while (I think someone did it for you, as a joke) so I wanted to make sure it still fit. Someone, and I won call it’t name that was the snacking a little more than usual lately :0, fortunately, is still fit! I grabbed my pile of Creatology felt that I had bought from Michaels and decided to go for the colors . . . and put it on the shirt, to me any kind of color scheme, and they give me an idea of how many sheets would I need. It ended at eight and I couldn’ve nine used! Start with the bottom piece. You cut to fit the width of the T-shirt. THEN you’ll need to decide how long you want the strip – I decided about 2 1/2″ long. I actually made my cutter knife used to cut these strips, but you can use your scissors. I thought it would be easier to cut the felt with a craft knife, but I prefer the scissors, with this particular material. Once you have your bottom piece cut to your specifications, you can use it as a template to cut the same size pieces of other colors. Now place the felt on your T-shirt to ensure that it’s, to work. I have another piece to add landed at the top after I took this photo.Oh, and you’ll notice that the strips are too wide at the top, right? To fear, you don’t need that yet. We’ll get that. Cut fringe in all of your felt pieces. You cut a little more than half of the felt, and try to eyeball the same sections of fringe. You don’t have to be exact, but as close as possible. you’re ready to add the sparkle! Grab your Martha Stewart gold glitter, and a line on a tray . . . and then grab your Mod collection and spread it on a second tray. I call this process “dip and Shine.” you’re going, dip the ends of the fringes in the Mod collection and then this Mod smorgasbord of diving ends up in the glitter paint.take care of Two things, you need to: 1) keep the Mod-smorgasbord at the tips of the fringe, so that your glitter doesn’t look nuts, and 2) not too much loose glitter in the felt. It will be hard to get rid of. you Put a piece of you n’ sealant or wax, press out the paper and let your fringe dry at the top. The Mod collection won stay’t, and it dries clear, if you happen to didn’t to glitter in some areas.as soon As the edge is dry, take it outside and shake the excess off each piece. you’re ready to hot glue! You start at the bottom of your shirt. Run a line of hot glue on the top side of the strip, turns quickly and press down on the T-shirt.To the top where the armholes of the shirt, I actually reversed the process, and you place the hot glue down on the T-shirt. Obviously, you&#'ve 8217;ll have some fringe hanging on the edge. We’ll address that now. Cut them to fit the felt around the armholes with scissors. you Use to back up your hot glue apply glue in the areas that felt it was just cut. Do this on both sides and let your shirt cool. At some point, you’ll need to glue ribbon to the mini-sombrero, so that you can tie it to your dog’s head. Then, sit back and enjoy the hilariousness that made this piñata costume. What do you think of my Halloween-pug-yata? Cute, Right?! Happy Holidays!

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