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Pretty painted acorns for a fall Display

Learn how to paint, acorns – making it the perfect budget fall crafts!!! Select acorns to their preferred colours for their painted, then display.

If you wonder what I think about in my spare time, then let me give you a clue. Painted Acorns. And I’m going to teach you how to paint acorns today.
I recently filmed some Mod-hodgepodge videos, and outside of the studio door were some wonderful acorns. Like a good Mod Podger, instead of thinking about it as squirrel food, I thought about what could I do with them that would be smart and fun.
Paint, of course.
I present to you my autumn-acorn-display. I have the color palette of a post I have another blog . . . . then I welded my nuts loss have with Mod-hodgepodge. To laugh now listen and read the instructions. This is so easy, you won’t believe it. It’s also budget-craft at its finest.
Cute painted acorns
Collect These Supplies

acorns – the loved one on the large side, otherwise you will be painting for two centuries
FolkArt acrylic paint – Calypso sky, maple syrup, titanium White
Satin Mod hotchpotch

I’m going to tell you that the base coating step is up to you, but I have to know to paint my acorns first so that would make the color really pop. It took a while, but it’s a fairly mindless task, and perfect for to catch when the kids NAP, and try a little boob tube.
A little more in the mother base coating . . . switched-brush to a larger size for more coverage. Let dry.
time for the blue base! I have to tell you that while I was painting, a little beastie (worm) crawled out of an acorn, to see what I did to his house. If you see a hole, it could be a beastie in it. Just keep in mind.
time for the brown tips.
you can close this puppy with a little Mod-hodgepodge, then display in a glass container. Wrong’t they cool? Pin it here:

Are you ready to paint – and perhaps teach others how to paint, acorns, as well? The acorn painting job is perfect for the downed husbands or children who haven’t getting good grades so far this year.
I have to admit, I really enjoyed this project and spent $0, I had it powered on – all the. Nature makes the best craft surfaces, don’t you think?

Now that you know how to paint acorns, I’m going to share another article that I’m guessing, want you’ll to the reference in re: the beasts – how to dry acorns for craft projects. You just have to click on the image below to try it out:

And if you’d like a video of the above project, click on “PLAY” at:

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