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Pottery Barn Knock-Off LOVE canvas

I love Pottery Barn knock-off crafts – such as this LOVE to the canvas! It’s so easy, and the only Mod hodgepodge, canvas and a few sheets requires paper pretty.

Hi, I’m Anna, thrilled out of My life, and kids, and I’m a guest post with my Pottery Barn knock-off-canvas with Mod conglomeration of rocks!in three years, and so has changed my life. Only a few years ago, I had a great job, a social life, and I lived in the city with my husband and my dog.
After that, we had three children when I was 30, we moved to the outskirts of town, we bought a minivan, and I quit my job. Can I get a pair of mom jeans to go with my new life?
Now I spend my days with two small children and a baby, and I spend my naptimes fixing up a neglected house that we bought in the suburbs. And in my spare time, I blog about everything in My life and children.
One of my all-time favorite DIY projects is creating wall art with paper Mod patchwork, scrapbook paper and canvas. Today, I’m going to show you how I use these supplies, a Pottery Barn knock-off of this L-O-V-E, art from their catalog. Isn’t it so sweet?
started I LOVE to spell it with Microsoft Word. I printed one letter per sheet of paper. And I used the Rockwell font, size 750, fat. This was the perfect size for my 16 x 20 canvas.
I printed my letters and cut them out. Then I chose my scrapbook paper (in coordinating colors – not to use I decided, all the same color as the original from PBK.)
I traced the letters on the scrapbook paper and cut them out.
I put my letters on my canvas to finalize the layout.
Then, one letter at a time, coat I used a foam craft brush to the entire canvas with Mod-hodgepodge. Then I decoupaged the of the letter. I put the letter on the canvas, and I painted a layer of decoupage on top the letter – make sure to seal the edges. I repeated this process for all four letters. Then I gave the whole canvas a last layer of Mod-smorgasbord – just for the fun of it.
Then I let it dry (for an hour or so) – and this is my finished Pottery Barn knock-off canvas:
I “LOVE” it.
could The entire project completed in less than an hour. There are several days – me; due to a freak 24-hour power outage, a small child throw up in the car and a baby-cutting-teeth . . . Story of my life!
Like this owl in my daughter’s room.
And these flowers on my couch.
And my children’ hand-prints in the living room.
Oh – and the reputation of the United States.
I hope to read that you’ll stop by My life and the children about some of the other projects I’ve done to my house. (This is a great place to start!) While you’my it re, you can also learn all-time favorite party trick, you can read the letter I wrote to my family – and I’ll tell you why my mom driving to the coffee shop in your home town. And if you don't by tomorrow, I’ll show you where I hung my LOVE of the characters.

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