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Polka Dot School Supply Vase

Use an adhesive peel-n’ stick a stencil polka dots to apply to the outside of a glass vase – perfect for holding school or for excursions supplied.

Hello friends! I've discovered, to make a new craft, which I heart big time . . . . peel and stick stencils! Oh my goodness, these things are so much fun! Maybe it’s is because they just work so damn good.
seriously, to mess up, it’s difficult with these things. They are thin, sticky and work much like screen printing.
So easy in fact that I have these cool little storage jar in just a few minutes. It’s the perfect milk glass for holding school supplies!
Everything you need for this simple project a glass, stencil, spatula, and a type of color.
Podgeable Glitters work fabulous on a project like this, but I choose to use plain old crafting and painting, so I was able to a fun flat gold finish.
began, first of all you draw your template and wrap it around your glass.
happens to My template, which perfectly fit to the base of the milk glass, but you can just cut your template with scissors, if necessary. You will notice that the template has a slightly sticky side.
The template is reusable when you are finished, you will be sure to wash your stencil, so you can use it again!

After wrapping your template, smoothing the entire surface to ensure there are no bubbles. You want your stencil to be flat, to work on the screen, it’s best.
Next, get a small amount of color to your putty knife, and slowly apply the paint all over your stencil. Work in a continuous direction, evenly coating the paint all over the stencil area. Add more color to your spatula, as needed.
When you are finished, try to scrape off excess material. The color is probably thick, so be sure to scrap lightly over.
Let the color and the stencil sit for about five minutes, then gently peel off the stencil while the paint is still wet.
Remove your stencil completely, and then rinse and dry your stencil with warm water and paper towels. Let your glass dry completely, at least 2-3 hours, depending on the color you are using.
If your milk glass is dry, you can fill it up and embellish it how ever you like! I have a bow on the front, and filled him with some essential school.
My school supply vase turned out so cute, I think I'm going to have to order some more! And wouldn’t this a beautiful flower, the vase to be??
Yup, my girls will love, because the storage of school supplies in this. Everyone should have a little supply of gold in their school collection, don’t you think????
I knew you would understand. 🙂
Happy crafting friends, and hope you enjoy slacker days now that school is back in session! Don't forget to visit me on my blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.


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