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Planner Clips Made with Mod Melts

You are a self-proclaimed “planner geek?” Make your own DIY planner clips with Mod melts and molds. These are so cute and SO easy to use!!

It’s that the planner community is growing rapidly – and it’s a ton of things you can do for you – you’ve got accessories use parts such as stickers, clips, tapes, tassels and all, to decorate your planner.
quickly converted into a planner-geek, and I thought I’d share a simple guide on how I melt my own cute planner clips with mod.
is the Best part, you can love others just! You give as stocking stuffers this Christmas on the planner, friends or for yourself!

DIY Planner Clips

Mod Schimmel
Jumbo-büro klammern
heiß Luft Pistole

step 1. First off, you want to, you get to parentheses your office, and gently pull the middle part. Spray paint one side of the paperclip and wait to dry. Once dry, flip them over and spray the other side.
After all sprayed and dry, gently the middle part to push back. And since you’ve made some low-cost gold paper clips!
I just had to make, because I’ couldn;t find any gold paper clips in my area, but you can definitely skip this step if you are gold paper clips.
step 2. Gather your Mod melt glue sticks, and Mod Molds – for mine, I have the Decoden shape and the gemstone shape. I also have blue-and white-colored Mod Melts glue sticks to my current planner.
step 3. Fill your shape with the selected glue stick color of your choice. If it’s too big and you’re a difficult time with the fill, keep the glue hot, by maintaining the temperature with a hot air gun, while your glue gun to heat up the extra glue.
I find it particularly useful with large forms, such as the one pictured below. I eventually changed my mind and used the teardrop shape to fit the bows that I made.
step 4. While the jewel is still the setting, insert a paper clip on the back of it, so it continues with the jewel and you don’t to stick to it later.
step 5. You clean your shaped bits with a box-cutter, small pair of scissors or a cutter knife. To melt, clean up the frayed edges by gently heating up the edges and blend seamlessly with the rest of the bit.
step 6. Finally, add the two bits due to the melting of the tip of your piece of jewelry with the tip of your glue gun and push the bow on top.
And you're done! Easy as pie. Make them in different colors, to paint and give away – I’m sure that your recipients would love you as much as you want to.
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