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Photo-Transfer on canvas

A transfer photos on canvas your photo and your project a slightly vintage feel – it’s a nice twist on a traditional decoupage crafts!!!
Here a photo transfer on canvas – this is a project that I get ALL the time. A project like this requires one of my favorite Mod hodgepodge of products, the photo transfer medium! If you have tried haven’t, it’s pretty impressive. And that’s what Laura to create this fabulous DIY canvas.
I know what will be your question. Why would you do a photo-transfer-as opposed to just decoupaging the printed image directly on the canvas? Well, my friends, Mod hodgepodge, photo-transfer medium can only be a picture gives a different look.
I love the vintage, (slightly) faded feel, and you also don’t have to worry about wrinkles, which is quite nice because the screen isn’t the easiest interface to the Mod-hodgepodge of a sheet of paper.
If you’ve been holding out to try the photo transfer medium, give it a go – it’s pretty fun. Give you tried this transfer a few, and I promise, you’ll be good to go! You know how you get this screen below.
painted canvas: Mod hodgepodge transfer of photos on the search for a home
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