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Photo cushion with a Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium

Use your Instagrams, these unique, personalized photo pillows. To do it’s simple, with Mod-hodgepodge! Don’t forget to see, scroll down to the bottom of the post, a video, a picture pillow comes together.
skills Required: intermediate. With photo-transfer-medium, a little trial and error will take. I’d try it out with a scrap of fabric first with a small image of the practice, before you try to by the larger pillow. I offer some tips in the post below.

maybe I have a problem with Instagram, I’ve used it to get TONS of pictures of my Pets. So, if you follow my stream and think, “this woman is crazy,”, I’m sorry. Guilty ascharged!br>The only problem I have with all of these Instagrams is that they just sit on my phone, and I've never (rarely?) everything to do with them. This photo pillow for Instagrams (or any smartphone photos, really).
I also love these old Polaroids that my parents have that just sit in the drawer, so here’s a chance to draw them, too. And what do you do to use that photo on the pillow? Mod Patchwork Photo Transfer Medium. It’s a Super product, very seriously.
picture pillows of perfection
If you want to make sure that your pillows turn out perfect, you’re going, patience. I’m assuming you let your personalized photo pillow to dry for 24 hours before you water to RUB off of design – the most important first step.
If your design is dry, you’ll wet in the tub and you RUB the paper. Use light to medium pressure, not too hard . . . because you can always let it dry, re-wet, and RUB then a little more paper. Remember that the photo look a bit vintage, if it’s.
Are you ready to learn how to cushion a image? Keep reading!
h2 style="text-align: left;">Personalized photo pillows
Collect These Supplies

Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium
Computer with a dry toner printer or make copies on normal paper (not photo paper)
photos of your choice
foam brush
Mod smorgasbord silicone Mat
sponge and water
A pre-made cotton pillow cover OR:

fabric – I white cotton for the front of the pillow and patterned scraps for the back
pillow fill
the sewing machine with thread
needle and thread
Print out your favorite photos – in which you have the desired size for your pillow. I scanned in some old Polaroids and enlarged you . . . and I also have a photo mosaic of some of the Instagrams. You can use a large image, print multiple pictures or create a collage of how I did it.
Print out the pictures made on a dry toner printer or copies. I recommend to test all of the inkjet printer to transfer before you take your photo. Wash and dry the fabric and iron. I white cotton fabric for the photo transfer because I wanted the photos to show in a vivid way.
Apply a medium layer of Mod-hodgepodge, photo-Transfer Medium, on the front of the image that you want to transfer. You do not apply enough, so that you can see the picture. I have a cereal box in part, to cover my surface, but I recommend a silicone Mat.
Quick picture face covered looking down on the white fabric and smooth. Wipe photo-transfer-medium, which presses the sides. Repeat for the remaining photos. Let it dry for at least 24 hours (this is really important!).
If the 24 hours is over, wet the paper slightly with water and RUB the paper from the photo transfer. Until all the paper is rubbed from the transmission and then let it dry. Make sure you read the instructions on the packaging.
If you need to sew the fabric into a pillowcase, the pillow, you can move forward with the following steps.
Place the photo transfer face-down on the right side of the fabric you will use for the cushions and sew, leaving a small hole so that you can drag from the inside to the outside.
Turn the pillow inside, so that the transfer of the photos is now on the outside of the pillow. Stuff the pillow with the filling, until you are satisfied with the size. Make sure that the stuff in the corners. Fold the edges of the hole and use it to close the needle and thread (you can with a sewing machine as well).
you have to show your photo pillows or give them as gifts. A strange dog (or cat) lady like me and tons of with your animals. You create so much fun!
Are you ready to see a video that shows you how to cushion a image? Simply press “PLAY” at:

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