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Photo Booth Simple Canvas Art

You will learn how to create photo strip canvas art with your favorite pictures and four mini-canvases! Ideal for adults, Pets or children.
do you remember photo strip booths? You used to be in every cinema I went to when I was young. Now I see you from time to time, but never when I have someone to make me photos.
I decided that I wanted to recreate the photo booth experience in my own apartment, and make it bigger, so that I can use as canvas art so that's exactly what I've done!
you can these companions with photos of you and your life, friends, family or even Pets. Someone you love is fair game! This canvas art would be a great gift for a wedding or anniversary.
Photo Booth-Canvas Art
Supplies: to print

Computer and printer
5 x 7 photo paper (and the photos)
5 x 7 canvases – 4
Mod hodgepodge gloss
acrylic color – black
scissors or paper cutter
heart stickers or other embellishments

Snapfish or Use your computer software to edit your photos and print them. I took my four photos on my phone, turned them black and white on Snapfish, then printed them on HP premium 5 x 7 photo paper.
trim the edges of your photos easily fit on the canvas – use scissors or a paper cutter.
Add a medium layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the top of one of the canvases – cover the whole thing.
Smooth your photo down on top of the canvas. Turn over and smooth from the inside. Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Mod smorgasbord of over the top edge of the canvas. Let them dry and repeat steps 2 – 4 with the other three canvases.
Paint the edges of all four canvases with a paintbrush and black acrylic paint. Let dry.
tip #2: Use the photo edge as your painting guide. If you are a beginner painter, you may want to use a template to block with tape the edges before painting.
Add any embellishments you like to the fronts of all four canvases – I added heart stickers and also drew on my canvases with Sharpie markers.
When you are finished, you have two options to hang the canvas. You can stick them together to hang at the end of the end, and then she like a big canvas. You can also separately sure each canvas on the wall, and keep close together as they hang.
This photo booth canvas art project was so quick to make – and now everyone knows how much I love my dog Roxie (who has passed away0. It’s the perfect memorial. I want a couple of different versions of this for friends!

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