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Personalized Sunglasses - Two Ways!

These personalized sunglasses are so cool! You’ll use the two methods – one with glitter and the other with paper and Dimensional magic.

do I Need prescription sunglasses, this is one of the disadvantages of being a glasses gal. It sucks, because I love these cheap-y pairs, which are large and sweet, and I would like 500 pairs of them.Shannon Rosyscription glasses, a sun-collector, and you’s found out two options for personalized sunglasses – cheap! Here’s your tutorial, so that you can you can customize your sunglasses too.Cheap Cute sunglassesI'm a big fan of cheap-o sunglasses! I own a lot of them. Why do I have to many so? Well, it is partly because I like choices... but above all, it is to break because I have a reputation or to lose my sunglasses.for this reason I often check out the sunglasses rack to store if I to the dollar.  The selection is OK, and I occasionally a pair or two that fit me. I must admit that the styles are usually fairly simple. But for a dollar I can't complain!But recently I thought, "Why not jazz up the glasses with something, so they adjusted a little more?" The lateral bow of the sunglasses and seemed to be begging for embellishment. Mod smorgasbord comes to the rescue again!So, I want to show you how I crafted two pairs of personalized sunglasses, there are two possibilities.
is A pair with fun striped scrapbook paper. The other got a heavy dose of glitter! Let me show you how I made them . . .Striped Custom sunglassesthe striped pair of decoupaged sunglasses: step one: Gather a few supplies. You need a pencil: a piece of scrapbook paper, a scissors (or craft knife), a foam brush and some Mod-hodgepodge Satin-and three-Dimensional magic.step two: Cut out paper to cover the temple. Follow the Form of the temple, and then carefully cut the paper with scissors. You may have to go back and cut the paper shapes a little so that each one fits on each page.step three: glue the paper to the sides. Brush a layer of Mod smorgasbord of Satin on the outer side of each temple. Press and smooth the paper down on the top. Let the glue dry thoroughly.step four: cover with Dimensional Magic (DM). Bend-a temple horizontally, so it sits as level as possible. To catch them put a piece of scrap paper underneath, it all is dripping.Starting at one end, slowly and carefully cover the paper with Dimensional Magic and avoid air bubbles. Wipe with a cloth until there is no glue that spills over the edges. Allow to dry for the DM completely (usually overnight), and repeat on the other side.TIP: If you haven’t worked with DM – you should know that it is a cloudy glue that dries crystal clear. It is VERY thick and can be applied to surfaces of dimension and a resin add-finish.I suggest to practice on a test surface so you can get a feel for how the material spreads and coats things before you try a project like this.DIY Glitter sunglassesThe craft of glittered sunglasses: step one: Collect supplies. You will need: Mod-hodgepodge (e.g. Satin formula) a brush with foam, and fine brown glitter. (I received this glitter as a part of a new sponsored crafty challenge and it had left . . . I love Martha Stewart glitter!)step two: Glue down the glitter. Spread a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the temples of the sunglasses. Generously sprinkle your glitter to cover the sides. Allow the glue to dry and shake excess Shine.step three: Add decoupage a pair of protective layers. Brush at least 1-2 more layers of Mod smorgasbord of over the top of the glitter (so that each layer dry in-between).This protects the Shine and hold you spread all over it. (I like sparkle... but not in my make-up!) And there you have it . . . to save two dollars, personalized sunglasses, customized with a little decoupage magic! I think the decorated side panels add 'just enough' cute Details to the sunglasses. The creative possibilities with colored paper or glitter are endless! It makes a lot of fun with my personalized sunglasses in this spring. People don't believe that I only paid a dollar for every couple! So, if you are like me, and often stuff  break;and appreciate the need for a lot of fun sunglasses . . . you will be sure to pick up cheap and create your own custom pair of sunnies!If you like the project, be sure to check out other summer-Mod patchwork DIYs that are of interest to you:

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