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Personalized letter jewelry for the Whole family

To create you use wood or paper mache, these fun, personalized decoupage letters and ornaments. They are easy to make with Mod-hodgepodge Shine.

Hello, fellow Mod Podgers! It’s Linda here, from burlap+blue, with a light, glittery and fun tutorial for personalized letter jewelry, today share with all of you.
It’s difficult that Christmas is only a few weeks away, but don’t be afraid, this letter ornaments come together quickly and easily. These would make adorable gift toppers!
Decoupage Personal Letter With ornaments
Collect These initials

Mod hodgepodge gloss
scrapbook paper
wood or papier-mache: 0px auto 20px" /> step 1: firstly, you’ll have to tracking your letter on the scrapbook paper and cut them out. I got these letters from Michaels, but any craft store will have something similar. Don’t forget to cut a piece for the back of your letter as well!
step 2: you then use the Mod smorgasbord to glue your paper to your letters. For the back of each letter, place a halved piece of string or ribbon for hanging before Mod Podging your paper down.
Once you’re done, you’ll have this . . .
Add to seal 2-3 layers of Mod-smorgasbord, so you can be sure to let your letters dry completely between coats.
step 3: Now for the fun part! I used extra fine gold glitter, but whatever you have on hand will work.
What works best for me, was a small pile of glitter on a sheet of paper, add Mod hodgepodge of part of my letter, and the letters in the glitter.For the smaller corners and edges of the letters, where a foam brush couldn’t, use it to apply a small brush or Q-tip, the Mod-smorgasbord.
And there you have it! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Merry Christmas!

thanks for the let me today share with all of you! You will find many tutorials and inspiration on my blog. You have a nice day!

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