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Patchwork DIY photo Mat out of Scrapbook paper Mod conglomeration of rocks

Old book pages and Mod-hodgepodge, a patchwork-DIY picture mat. This DIY photo Mat is a simple adjustment for your setup.
Hello, everyone! It’s Ashlee from My so Called Crafty life, today I'm back to share some easy DIY wall decor with you! I love mats dressing up plain, and have decoupaged paper and textiles to you.
and wanted to try my hand at a patchwork-style Mat. I had such a blast this piece, I want a bunch more!
DIY photo Mat
Collect These Supplies

particle Board or pre-cut Mat
Scrapbook paper, book pages, Wallpaper, etc.
Mod hodgepodge Matt
ruler and pencil
paper Cutter or scissors

The first thing you need to do is measure the inside of the frame. You cut the outer side of the chipboard to fit the inside of the frame, and then measure two to three inches all the way, so that you have your limits.
you Cut out the opening. Now you have a base for your Mat. You decide how wide you want your strips. I made me to be, to an inch high and about an inch longer than the width of the Mat.
So, 1.25 x 3.5. You cut a thirty stripes or more, depending on the height of the strip.
Now, brush a little decoupage medium to the back side of a paper strip. Smooth it on your Mat, make sure it is straight. Add another strip to the right of the first, you can overlap them a little bit.
to add, press and Hold the strip to your DIY photo Mat. If you edge up to the top cut the width of the strip, so that it is flush with the inside. Then add a vertical strip and keep adding, until you round the next corner and cut the pieces flush, as needed.
Once you have added strips around your entire Mat, then you need to cut the ends on the back of the Mat. Brush a little decoupage medium to the back of the Mat.
fold over the ends on the back and smooth down on the medium. Work a little at a time until they are completely complied with, all you ends. Let the Mod-conglomeration of dry-and then you are ready to take your art and frame it.
I love how my DIY picture mat turned out! I have some of my favorite scrapbook paper scraps and some of the pages of the book from my vintage-kids-book-radicals. I thought the process was really fun.
all of the strips cut, but it was fun to create the collage! The best thing about this project is that it is so easy to fit it to your style.
The wall decor is going on in my craft room, but with some of the more sophisticated papers, it might be a wonderful gift for mom for mother’s day! I hope you all will try it sometime!
If you all would like to see more of my work you can find me on my blog, My so-Called Crafty life here. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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