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Paper earrings, which look Like clams

To take care of some of the shell-cross-section-paper-earrings – you’re cheaper than buying them online and you won’t have, you’ll break easily!

Hello friends! It’s Aki again Dominated by strawberry swing by for another jewelry tutorial. The summer is in full swing – it’s so hot all the time now!
One of my favorite go do activities during the summer at the beach – I love water, swimming, wind, sand, and especially the collecting of shells and driftwood. Last year I saw some shell-cross-section of necklaces, and you looked so pretty!
I forgot them soon after, until recently, was, if I collect shells. And although I canI decided to put some cardboard in paper-earrings, take care of it’s cheaper than buying them online and you won’t have to, you’ll break easily!

The cutter
Template – download here
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Mod smorgasbord silicone Mat
Liquid gold plating or spray paint
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat or other sealer
earring hooks
jump rings
flat nose pliers

step 1. I drew a sketch of a shell cross-section on Adobe Illustrator and transferred it to my Silhouette program to cut. You can draw your own or download the template shell, which I did.
Since I was using cardstock, I cut about 7 pieces from ‘shells’ for each earring, each measuring approximately 2.5″ height. You can definitely make them bigger or smaller – I prefer them greater.
step 2. For a perfect cut, you may want to double-cut your pieces as you are in a little more detail.
step 3. With the brush with foam or spouncer, use Mod hodgepodge to keep your ‘shell’ layers. You would like to add the rear plane and the front plane is sufficient. The Mod-hodgepodge silicone cutting Mat helps actually, at this step, as you won your shell pieces’t on the surface, if you are with the Mat.
step 4. Wipe the excess glue in the corners and angles of the shell piece using a thin object, such as a needle, pin or a safety pin.
This is how thick it is after 7 layers of cardstock – I’d say it’s pretty sturdy, and after this time! Make sure to sandwich your pieces between two large books to promote, while it’s drying, flattening the pieces.
step 5. Now it’s time to paint your earrings – I really have a strong preference for metallic colors, so I used liquid gilding color.
I used brass at first, but switched to copper to a coat. Coat with Mod smorgasbord of Hard coating, or a spray sealer to seal and strengthen them.
step 6. Now, some of the pearl's make-links – thread a bead on an eye pin, cut the excess wire and loop the end of the bead to secure the eye pin.
step 7. Attach your pearl to link with a jump ring on the circle on the top of the bowl.
step 8. You finally add your pearl link to the earring hook, and you're done!

I was totally amazed at how nice the photos look in person – justice! These bowls are a great and affordable addition to any summer wardrobe. They look very abstract and organic, and I am in love. What color would you paint them in?
I hope that this paper earrings tutorial enjoyed! Don’t forget to visit the links below and say Hello to me, and to be inspired with more projects like this! Happy crafting, friends 🙂
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