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To Save Paper Wrapped Dollar Candles

These paper wrapped and in lacquer dipped candles use the power of the Mod to bring hodgepodge, bouncy life is too boring, dollar store candles.
It still feel like spring outside my window now. In fact, it feels so much as in the winter, that I almost feel the need to get my Christmas decor again, just to get through all this snow.
however, Rather than 0f, the crazy person, the track that I decided to put some spring inside with a fun DIY project!
This paper-to store wrapped and in color dollar dipped candles use the power of the Mod to bring hodgepodge, bouncy life is too boring, budget finds.
Plus, I have some fun “Shine” tags, so that this dollar-store-candle ideal for gifting, or just to add some spring color to their home decor! Here’s how I made them:

DIY-candle-Dollar store
accessories candles:

Dollar store (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
Patterned Scrapbook paper
Mod hodgepodge gloss
acrylic paint (I used FolkArt)


1. Paint the base of the candles (I got two layers). Let dry completely.
2. You cut it to fit the paper, the middle of the candles. With a wide brush, paint a layer of Mod hodgepodge of gloss on the back of the paper and the candle area, where you will be putting the paper.
3. You turn to the paper for the decoupage section on the candle. To ensure you RUB the paper with pressure, the paper around the candle, and smooth out any bumps. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes.
4. To seal apply a generous amount of Mod-hodgepodge gloss on the outer side of the paper and you're done. For this step, I didn’t apply, Mod smorgasbord outside the papered area, because I wanted to stay on the painted surface, truly matte, as I wanted to have the paper, the gloss comes of Mod-smorgasbord.
6. Let the candle dry completely.
Aren’t these dollar store candles the cutest? I love how easy it is to do with Mod-hodgepodge, something completely boring into something stylish and fun.
Plus, by using scrapbook paper and paint it the color and pattern options are endless, but SO cheap!
Now, if you want your candles to a different level and give them as gifts, or add a fun reminder “shine”, You can use this fun “shine” tags! Here’s how:
First, using the excess paper from the candle and my craft cutter (I have this design) I cut the letters. Next, cut them into an oval shape and mounted on a sheet of white paper with Mod hodgepodge, exactly as I have it with the candles.
let Finally, I dry the tag completely, drilled a hole in it and attached the candles with string! Now you are ready to Shine!
Don’t you love all the patterns and colors? You almost gone my long winter blues. I mean, who can think of snow with all the yellow and pink!
What crafts to make to bring the spring into your home? I would love to hear them!

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