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Paint Chip crafts: How to Colorful bracelets

Are you dying to try some of these paint chip crafts? You make colorful bracelets with decoupage medium, scrapbook paper and old paint chips. So much fun!

So I was organizing my drawers not so very long, as I found some old paint chips. And I mean – these are old. From my last house painting project, the forever ago!
But of course, I had to save for a craft project, right? In the purge I decided it was either time to use or lose, so I used them.
I dug through my scrapbook paper and paint and moved along with this decoupage paint chip bracelet project. To make it’s very easy and the great thing is that you feel the “”, what color paint chips and style of beats you are using.
And hey, if you don’t, the color chips, you can from the hardware store. If you feel don’t comfortable with that, the new chips, the save is almost always a surplus in the back of the old colors that are no longer available – so that those who from the landfill! Here’s how to get these fun and colorful bracelets.
DIY Colorful bracelets
Collect These Supplies

wooden bracelet blanks
Mod hodgepodge Matt
FolkArt paint in matching colors
paint chips in the colors of your choice
Scrapbook-paper – coordination
paper punch – Fiskars scalloped oval
paper punch – Martha Stewart medallion
craft glue
Craft knife and Mat
candle and sandpaper for the distressed bracelet

Begin by measuring the width of the band. Cut a long strip of paper (about 8 inches) to the width of the bracelet with the ruler, craft knife and Mat.
also cut about ΒΌ inch smaller than the width, to show if you like the color, on both sides. Trim customize your bracelets and set aside.
Paint your bracelets! I painted the inside of the bracelets and the outer edges with contrasting colors.
If you don’t want to distress, you can stop at the above step. If you want to get your emergency bracelet, to paint the first color and let dry. THEN RUB a candle on different parts of the bracelet. Lacquer top coat in a different color and let them dry.
to Use you to RUB sandpaper to the top of the hair removed and leave the bottom layer of color show through in some areas. Sand-more-for-more burdensome.
Attach the strip of paper to the outside of the bracelet with Mod hodgepodge Mat. Smooth thoroughly and let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. To add a top coat and let them dry.
you Use to create your beats shapes out of paint chips. To go Punch enough shapes to the circumference of the band. I think, to show it’s kind of fun, the lines and the colors-name. I know don’t, why!
Mod conglomeration, these forms on the outside of the bracelet. Tip: It can help prevent your color chips to the curve of the bracelet before Mod Podging. Hold in place until secure and then completely let them dry out.
Give your bracelets the last two layers of Mod smorgasbord of over the top.
Add buttons and rhinestones to the centers of the punched-out shapes with craft glue and let them dry.
Don’t, these colorful bracelets that go so well with my tan? Haha – I don’t actually have a tan, I’m not sure why it looks like I'm doing (must be the lighting). Either way, I love my bracelets. They are fun and makes me excited for spring!

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