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Owl crafts: Glow-in-the-Dark Plaque - Mod-hodgepodge rock

This fun craft owl is perfect for autumn and Halloween! Paint a panel and then use Glow in the Dark Mod hodgepodge as a special touch.

One of the things that fascinated me about Halloween, when I was a kid, was everything that glowed in the dark. When my brothers and I got our first glow-in-the-dark toy, we spent hours charging it under the lights, runs into the bathroom and closes the door, to see it, and then repeat. SO much fun!
As an adult, I still love everything that glows. I love the glowing projects for Halloween, so this year I made an owl craft! It is a painted owl piece during the day – and if you turn off the lights, they are a luminous surprise, will see! It is easy to create, these owl crafts in just a few steps.
the Halloween Owl craft
Collect These Supplies

printers, and presentation paper or white cardboard (slightly thicker)
owl pumpkin carving template
wooden plaque
Mod hodgepodge Glow in the Dark
acrylic paint – Black, purple and Apple green
piece of wax candle
Craft knife and Mat
stencil brush

Paint the plaque with a base coat of purple. You don't need to paint the edges; only the top (although it is in order, if the color on the edges). They give several layers and allow to drylet.br> you to Use your piece of the candle and RUB over the top in several solid punches. You do this not for the plaque. If you want to more burdensome, firmly RUB the candle over more.
TIP #1: do not Use a white candle too onerous, so that you can see each color from the wax on your project.
black color on the entire plaque, which is the wax. Let it dry and then paint the edges with purple. Let dry.
In this time you will need the plaque. Abrasive paper to RUB over the entire plaque, and you will begin to see, some RUB to the black paint (where the wax is), and the purple color to show through under. You can distressing sand more for more. I just lightly sanded for about 30 seconds.
TIP #2: RUB the sandpaper over the edges a little bit stressful, there, too.
Print your owl template on your cardboard. To cut, use your cutter knife to the black parts of the paper. You work slowly and carefully, especially around the small pieces. This is the template you will use for the badge.
Set the template down in the center of the plaque. At this point, you can stencil, use tape to hold the stencil down, but I found that the template in place on the top of the plaque (I held it down easily with my hand). Use the stencil brush and Apple-green color, stencil the owl on the top of the plaque.
you dip your stencil brush in a little color and from top to bottom slightly to the template. Stenciling takes time to fill the color. Work slowly under the enter template is filled with color.
they Use to paint a small paint brush, Mod hodgepodge glow in the dark on the top of the owl design. I gave the plaque that over the five layers, the glow in the dark. It doesn't take long to paint it, and the more Mod-pick-and-mix you use, the stronger the glow.
For charging the plaque, hold it under a light or outside in the sun for several minutes. Repeat to recharge!
And of course your owl plaque stand on its own two legs as part of your Halloween decor. What is your favorite owl crafts? To listen to I’d love in the comments!

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