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Notes Mason Jar Cutlery

Maybe you need a table decoration for a party or wedding on a budget? Mason jar centerpieces are a great idea!

did you Know that the average cost of a wedding these days is $26,000?  That’s crazy for me. I’m just a Thrifty kind of gal, so I’t imagine spending that much in one day! If you’re the people who are DIYing their own wedding to want you’re going, some of the mason jar centerpieces.Mason Jar centerpiecesThe thing is, when I hear for the first time, “mason jar Cutlery,” I tend to think of something cheap and tacky looking. But the truth is, the mason jars look great and as attractive projects, speak for themselves.This cute little DIY mason jar does just that (really!!!! It’s no words, just pictures). I love how just a little bit, sheet music, yarn, and flowers ornaments, complete with a traditional glass transformed into something beautiful.Can’t you just see these at a wedding or party? And you won believe’t, how easy they are to make. You might even consider to take them to the people as favors or to decorate your home afterwards. You’re going to love you.notes covered vessel on style Me Pretty

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