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No-Sew-Fabric-Coaster (Vintage Style!)

you will Learn how simple fabric coasters with a vintage scarf and decoupage medium. These are so easy and make a great gift! Hello! It's Shannon from Rosyscription again. I think I have in common with them, but I have substances to have a THING for vintage floral. I can't help it. Every time I'm in a thrift store or second-hand bookshop, I head to the right for the scarves, bed linen and handkerchiefs. I love it when I find a great print!I have this old red and pink flowers-scarf-for-age. It is a hand-me-down from my husband's aunt. We can never have enough coasters in our house, so I thought, there are a number of roller coasters with the fabric would be fun.Grab your decoupage and you can make your own rollercoaster rides, today, by following simple steps. No sew fabric coastersSupplies used:decorative fabricFeltMod hodgepodge fabric brush, scissors and/or rotary cutterRulerStraight edge instructionsWith a ruler and straight edge, cut 4" x 4" squares of felt. Cut lines of your decorative fabric, the closer to 5" x 5" in the Form (you don't need to be exact with the decorative fabric). Apply a medium layer of decoupage medium over the felt square. Press firmly on the decorative fabric over the glue and felt, smooth out any bubbles. Repeat with the other squares and the fabric felt. (Note: do not use fabric Mod hodgepodge, so that the coasters will be waterproof.) brush a thin layer of decoupage over the top of the decorative fabric. Make sure you cover cloth, which extends over the felt square. (This layer will help to seal the fabric, to give it the appearance of a glossy, oil-cloth and to prevent fraying in the next step.) Once the decoupage is dry, carefully trim the excess decorative fabric away from the felt square. Since the fabric has a coating of decoupage, it should be cut without fraying. This simple coasters would be great gifts to make. I love that you can customize for the season or holiday, too! Agreed’t my fabric coasters so cute? To know I’d love what you think in the comments! Here are some more budget-friendly projects, I also think that you should try:DIY paperweights from the candle HoldersDIY napkin rings for FallCork boards from IKEA TrivetsPersonalized sunglasses Two ways

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