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Night Light Lamp Christmas Ornaments

Don’t throw away burned out night light-lamps – turn it in the light bulb Christmas ornaments with Mod smorgasbord and glitter!

Hello Mod conglomeration of rocks readers! It’s Justine from Sew Country chick here again with a quick and easy Mod hodgepodge project: night light lamp Christmas decorations. I’ve seen cute ornaments lately, the light bulbs look like glittering old-fashioned Christmas and decided to make my own.
So I went to the save the dollars and buy a night a pack of light bulbs and some glitter. By the way, glitter from the dollar store, a total bargain. It’s only a dollar for a pack of three bottles!
of course, if you at night the lights regularly to keep your home, you’ll light bulbs, used . . . instead of throwing them away, recycling them with Christmas light bulb ornaments.
children will love to get in on the action too. Just make sure that you are old enough to hold the glass in your Hand, without crushing and breaking.

night light lamp Christmas tree decorations
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge Sparkle (the Mod-hodgepodge gloss or Matte can;to)
A package of night light bulbs
hot glue gun
Baker’ s twine or string for hanging

Mix and sprinkle some glitter along with Mod-hodgepodge and paint on the light bulbs, then some additional glitter on top of the wet bulb. Repeat over and over until the whole bulb is well-covered.
Once dry, use it to attach to a hot glue gun, a bit of string to the little metal part on the bulb tip. I have some wool string I found at a yard sale, but baker’s line will look perfect.
for a whole bunch of these in just a few minutes. You’re that easy. Hang your lamp Christmas decorations for your tree and enjoy!
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