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Cute DIY-Luggage-Tags that Make a statement

Make DIY Luggage tags that make a statement! Customize these cute luggage tags, how to Mod patchwork and scrapbook paper. holidays are a welcome break from the winter, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of people a plan soon! My husband and I are not exactly in the middle, just right now.I wanted to create a custom DIY-Luggage-tags that would be of the normal tags that you see everywhere. You know, cute luggage tags. I have this ready to go out of MDF wood, you’re pretty simple, so let’s!DIY-Luggage-TagsSupplies:MDF WoodX-Acto knife or Box cutter steel RulerSandpaperDrillCardstockWashi TapeMod hodgepodge matte liquid LeafPaintbrushJute twine Cut your thin MDF wood to the size – to me, the size is 2.5″ x 4″ and. I used a knife to score the back and the front (on the same line, area) and shot the MDF. You don’t you need special power tools! Sand your MDF-wood-day and drill a hole on the top of the middle of the day for their jute hanger. Cutting your preferred material – my husband’s, I have a card box, he liked to be printed. Cut a front and back, in the size of the MDF tag. you can use washi tape – it’s a great way to create a fun and colorful DIY Luggage tag If you want to do with washi tape or any thin material, you might paint the MDF with white acrylic paint first.This is no longer the natural color of the MDF, and the washi tape looks brighter and more opaque. Cut tape the excess washi. you Wear two layers of decoupage  on the front and back and allow to air drylet To turn it up a notch, add some liquid sheet at the edges of the tag a more finished look. Once dry, apply the highlight to your selected decor, day-and tape-jute twine or, you can use for your Luggage, and you're done! Create eye-catching and cute DIY-Luggage-tags that would set you apart from the rest of the crowd – and have fun to create! I kept the back empty, as I loved it, the blank back pages.To what is the place you want to travel? Let me know in the comments! a Lot of fun creating these tags – and you can see this the other day posts from here as well as my other blog DIY candy:watercolor Mason Jar gift TagsClay sheet gift TagsFoiled Hello gift tags family Silhouette gift Tags

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