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Dessert Cloche making made Easy - with a Stiffy!

To create use Mod hodgepodge Stiffy unique doily dessert cloche – perfect instead of glass cloches! These are so pretty and easy to use.
Here is the deal. I bought these adorable itty bitty cake plate stands a few months ago, and I'm itching to find them adorable glass cloche piece for the top. I've searched and searched, in vain.
Then I thought maybe I could do that somehow? Well, I'm not a glass artisan, but I know for sure, how to use fabric stiffener! I'm dying how cute they are, and I can't wait to see it in action at a party!

DIY Dessert Cloche
Here is what you need to make a crochet cake plate cloche of her own:

Mod hodgepodge Stiffy
Crochet Doily
glass buttons
- section hot gun
plastic bowl
cake plate

I glue found the glass buttons and crocheted doilies at Michael's in their dollar. They just happen to work perfect for my cake plates, but doilies come in all different sizes. You can also view a larger version, just sits on a plate. You don't even need the cake plate!
To start, insert your crochet doily over the plastic bowl, place the center of the doily on the upper center of the arc.
Next, use your paint brush and Mod hodgepodge of fabric stiffener to the doily, a thick uniform layer. If it helps, you can RUB even your Finger it in, to be sure, it is everywhere. You want to use it, liberally, but not have it dripping either.
they set aside their bowls, and let the Mod-hodgepodge Stiffy dry for twenty-four hours. You will know it is completely dry when you lift it out of the bowl and it remains stiff. If your fabric still has movement, add more Stiffy and wait for it to dry again.
My doily dessert cloche had a serrated edge, I didn't want to be part of the finished project. I think it's cute or something, I just want to my to a straight line.
I to reduce used shears, doily, so that there is an even edge. Again, it is a personal preference, so what is it that makes your heart happy!
According to your doily is dry and ready to go, only with a DAB of hot glue to attach the glass hardware to the top. The glass-hardware comes with a long 2" screws, but to use it, you would cut your screws up to about ΒΌ "to 1/2".
It is really difficult to cut, screws to not ruin it without the threading, so I use them at all. If you are not worried about the hold, you can pick up a shorter knob screws at Home Depot.
This is it, your crochet cloche on top of the pie plate or dish, and you are ready to go!
If you want to be an actual cloche that keeps bugs out for an outdoor party, you could replicate this idea with fabric instead of a crocheted doily. There are many options when it comes to fabric stiffening!
now I'm using these little lovelies in my craft room to store favorite ornaments, but I can't wait until I pull out at my next party. And I do not want to have more projects with fabric stiffener -. I'm addicted!
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