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Mushroom Craft: DIY-wood-art

To have the Mod collection rocks woodgrain stencil, this unique forest art in minutes – it’s such an easy mushroom craft idea!

I love everything gnome and forest-themed. I even have a board dedicated to outdoor awesomeness on Pinterest!
I have recently decided that it was time to get my Mod conglomeration of rocks stencils with paint (because they work with, not only the Mod-smorgasbord) and decorate a frame that I could attach it, some of the forest-art.
But let me take a step . . . the original idea came from you see this vintage red and white mushroom art on The Graphics Fairy. I started it and then this mushroom and crafts came from her.
You never know how the idea to come together, and to say I’m happy that I love it. If you do, here’s the tutorial.
mushroom Craft: DIY-wood-art
Ready to Collect These Supplies

in order to frame the paper or wood
acrylic paint – choose two contrasting colors; I took a dark and bright green to coordinate with my print
graphic-Fairy-image – Vintage red and white mushrooms
Computer and printer to print your image
brush, one 3/4", a detail brush
- scissors

Here is the frame I used a 5 x 7 – it is a thick paper, thicker than paper mache. You can also use a wooden frame.
Paint your darker color than your first layer. Paint the front and back with several layers and let it dry. Simply re-add it, because it protects the back of the frame from the color.
This is where your Mod conglomeration of rocks template is coming! Peel it off the backer sheet and smooth down to the frame, starting at the lower left side. My template does not fit, from the top to the bottom, so I had to repeat. I will say more on this in a minute.
Spounce the lighter color of the paint on the stencil on. A few tips: do not use too much paint, and work in several layers; this is so that the paint seep under the stencil. Once you completely covered the surface, peel the stencil immediately and wash it. Then dry cloths, some paper, and back to the supporters.
Let the paint and the stencil to dry for a few minutes. This project will take quite some time, but most of it is dry time, so you have an episode of their favorite reality show on the DVR in between stenciling!
set up the template loosely as I have above. You may have to play with it a bit, to ensure that your wood grain relatively in the same place. What I did, go over to the floor, and then go over the top. Every time I stencil, I removed the stencil, washed the color off, and let it dry (along with the color).
After I the whole thing templates, I look the detail brush to fill in areas where the stencils connected to each other and make you a bit more natural. The whole process does not take so long, I promise!
If your framework is ready, print it to fit the mushroom on your frame. Trim with a pair of scissors.
you Push the mushroom graphic in the frame, and adjust if necessary.
I love my forest-art! I give him a prominent place on my bookshelf. And as you can see, you can use any graphics you like, and to coordinate, the colors.
What do you think? I would like to know which graphics Fairy art that you like in a frame!

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