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Mummy Halloween glow in Three Easy steps!

you are able to light up this Halloween on a budget, in three steps! Kids will love these mummy mason jars, too.skills Required: beginner. You don’t have to experience all of the crafting, these mummy mason jars! You’re going to wrap glass in gauze with Mod smorgasbord, and then close the eyes cut out of cardstock. This project is so simple that even a child could do it. While looking through the Pottery Barn website (which I religiously), I saw some sweet gauze mummy mason jars. I thought they were super cool, BUT they were $25.00 each. YIKES! I knew I could totally make these Halloween lights themselves.I checked my craft supplies to see if I had some gauze and I HAVE! So do a simple project, you could even make it a children's-crafts. I know that my boys would really like. So I grabbed some jars and Mod smorgasbord to begin.Halloween lightsBefore we dive into this Halloween lights, I wanted to. give you some tips based on the project on the questions asked, I’ve been I hope that this will help you with your project!The mummy Mason Jars Prepare you>don’t have to do much to your glasses recommend ready – I thought I wash you dry with a mild soap and warm water, and then let them. If you would like to remove the labels, do not try these non-toxic methods. They work really well!Mod-Use lights hodgepodge toFor your Halloween, you can choose any interface you like – gloss, Matte or Satin-standard formulas are in order. I recommend going with the Matte or Satin to be the most closely with the gauze, but that’s just me nit picky. Each of the formulas work quite well.LED lights or tea light candles?you can use either LED lamps OR tealights in these mummy mason jars You are to use in order to, with a flame as long as you keep safe the gauze and Mod patchwork on the outer side of the glass. Mod smorgasbord is not flammable, but the gauze is, so don’t take the risk.Open fire, of course, should never be left unattended. My personal choice is the LED lights for this type of projects. So, as I never, I'm afraid!Are you ready to learn how to use this great Halloween craft? Keep reading!Collect Easy mummy glassesThisMod hodgepodge Matt glass JarsCheeseclothCircle punch black CardstockFoam brushFirst stepsI opted for three different sized glasses. Supplied I’m a jar hoarder, so I had a TON of on hand. This would work with glasses of any size. Remove all of the adhesive or the sticker, and time to crafting! step 1 – Wrap gauze Around Jar and Mod-hodgepodgeI Started cutting my gauze cut into strips. Then I still have a small Mod collection, to the glass and began to wrap the gauze around the glass. I tried to keep myself to go for a layered effect. You definitely want to have several layers, your glasses look like mummies!next, I Mod smorgasbord along the inner side of the glass and folded the gauze lightly on the lips. Let it dry, and then fold the gauze down on the floor and Mod-smorgasbord in the place. Let dry.Finish by going around the outside of the jar-file and add more Mod-smorgasbord in the points (keep it nice and stiff). step 2 – Add your eyesNow, I cut some eyes out with my circle cutter, made of black cardboard. I think those eyes look pretty similar to Pottery Barn.Two ways, if you don’t cardstock on hand: 1) use Googly eyes or 2) draw the eyes with a Sharpie. I have a hodgepodge of my eyes with more Mod and let them all dry for about 2 hours. step 3 – Final cutFinally, ready to pick up some flameless candles or tea lights, and you’re to your Halloween luminaries! They would look perfect on a Halloween mantle, front steps, or as a night light for the children (the LED is lit!). Here’s a look at what to look lights Pottery Barn mummy. I think they look pretty similar . . . and to me are way cheaper. What do you think? you See how simple these mummy mason jars were? I had all three done in about 15 minutes. It took me longer to find the gauze as it did to make them.I really think that you will become great and it’s something I can keep for a long time. Since I had all the materials on hand, it’t cost me a thing. Woohoo!I've come up with some really cool Halloween crafts, so stay tuned (here’s a spoiler, you’re all gonna use Mod smorgasbord).

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