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Mother's Day Craft: Drywall Tape Decoupaged Pot

You can hardware-store materials to decorate a clay pot – you’ll use dry wall tape and Mod smorgasbord, a great mother’s Day craft!

do you Need a gift idea for a teacher or a mother this spring? A fresh, potted plant, a nice gift . . . but sometimes the containers are, you can think a little boring, don't you?
plans for a gift recently. It was planted in a simple terracotta pot. I liked the texture of the sound . . . but I felt the pot needed a little something else. I looked around the house for something that would work to decorate the ceramics. I discovered some drywall tape and knew that would be perfect!

you Want to know how I made it? Grab some Mod-smorgasbord and let’s! It’s a simple way to update a terracotta pot with decoupage – and make a great mother's day craft or teacher’s gift.
supplies needed:

Mod hodgepodge Outdoor
Terra cotta pot
Dry wall tape

step one:

measure and cut a strip of drywall tape that is running, vertically over the lower part of the pot. Press the tape to the clay and brush a thick layer of Mod help hodgepodge over the tape to secure it to the bottom.

step two:

Cut several strips and apply at the end of each overlapping the previous strip. To hold more decoupage everything down. Continue working your way around the pot to cover the whole area.

step three:

Cut two sections of ribbon that will fit around the top lip/section of the pot. They apply and use more Mod-hodgepodge. Let the glue dry. The outdoor Mod hodgepodge formula I received from plaid will stand up to the moisture (which is why I decided to use it), but you can acrylic the seal with an outdoor spray, if desired. (I don't, since my pot already had a flower in it.)

I love the way this small pot. I like that you can still see, of terra cotta peeking out underneath. The lines of the band add interest and update a basic factory to something a little more modern. If you don't want to use the dry wall tape, colorful tissue paper, or else a little louder would be nice, too.

Now you have a simple but one-of-a-kind gift to someone this spring!

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