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Monster Halloween napkin rings with Googly-eyes

This monster-themed Halloween napkin rings are fun for adults and kids! Perfect for a creepy evening.

Halloween is the perfect time to the most sinister beings — a Monster! This monster napkin rights add the perfect touch for your Halloween-spooky-evening and your guests will be talking about you for days!
Hello, everyone! Heather here from the craft + Tell! I'm so glad to be here again to share with you how you can create these adorable monster Halloween-napkin-rings.
monsters are really going to be one of my favorite Halloween concepts, so that this monster napkin rings fit into the “much too sweet to be scary” decor I've got to go in my house now!
Monster Halloween napkin rings
Here’s what you’ll need to have these monster napkin rings:

Wooden napkin rings
Gloss Black, acrylic paint
Mod Melter (optional)
Wiggly eyes in various sizes

To begin, paint your napkin rings black. I wanted my painted interior and exterior. I let this dry for about twenty minutes.
next I put a generous layer of Extreme Glitter Mod smorgasbord on the top of black color and let it dry. Once it was dry, I added a second layer, if it didn’t just as much sparkle as I wanted.
Next, I used to attach the Mod conglomeration, the wiggly eyes to the napkin ring! This is a great time to get your Mod-melta, so you can be sure your eyes stick to the ring. Regular Mod-hodgepodge (or Glitter!) is bound to do the trick as well – but I found that I was pretty generous, in order to ensure that the eyes wouldn’t fall off.
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