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Monogram pencil pouch for Personalized gifts!

You will learn how to pencil bag for the new school year! You can use this method to the monogram just about anything. Kids will love it!
find It difficult to be cute, personalized gifts for teens or tweens. That age can be so picky – I remember, as voters I, from me!
But one thing I always loved was something with my name or initials. How can you say no to a personalized spring map?
you can not really, and that's why I'm going to show you how to pencil a monogram bag that makes a perfect gift for any age.
you can have a full name (so long as it is short) or initials on their pencil case and you can use the fabric of your choice So grab a pencil bag in a fun shape or color, and get creative! Here is how to pencil case monogram schlamp with ease.
- monogram pencil pouch
Gather These Supplies:

printer and paper
Computer with a word processing or presentation program
pencil bag
piece of cloth or scaps – enough to your monogram
Mod patchwork fabric
Strong fabric glue (I used speed sew)
Craft knife and Mat

Use your ruler to measure your pocket; both the height and width. Then open a word-processing or presentation program on your computer, and you create your design. Experiment with different fonts and have a little fun. Feel free to be creative!
If you are happy with your design, print, and make sure that it fits in your pocket. I recommend to make the letters a little thicker . . . it makes them easier to cut and apply to the bag. I’ll leave that up to you.
Choose a piece of fabric, large enough to hold your name or monogram.
to Paint a medium layer of Mod hodgepodge of fabric on the fabric.
Make sure to cover the whole area, where you will go, cut out your monogram. The Mod-hodgepodge application is not made, so that the fabric fraying while you cut.
Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes (more time, depending on whether the Mod smorgasbord is still wet).
you can Place your monogram on the upper side of the fabric and start the cutting with the cutter knife. You can use the tape to your paper, but I found the Mod-hodgepodge on the cloth enough tack to secure the paper. I didn't need any extra tape (you can though tape the template if you need).
Next you want to trim your letters with the craft knife, including the interior. Make sure that the fabric is still on the paper.
set aside small parts, such as the dot on the "i".
the Trim work carefully to each of the round corners – slowly, so that you can tear the letters.
Once all your letters are cut out, put a stronger adhesive on the back. If your spring is a pencil case made of cotton, you can use the Mod-patchwork-fabric. However, my pencil case was a poly with a coating, so I needed a stronger glue (as opposed to a decoupage medium).
Put your letters on the pencil-case – evenly and then smooth down. I found the end of my brush was very helpful to the smoothing of the letters.
I used a brush to help the glue and avoid getting it on my hands.
Smooth and gently and let your pencil bag dry for several hours.
this method you can use initials, a backpack, lunchbag, or anything else for back to school! Would you try a monogram pencil case? To know I’d love in the comments!

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