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Modern Valentine wreath That is Easy to

If you are looking for a unique project for February 14th, this modern valentine wreath typography and teal used in the message.
I’m going for simple projects this Valentine’s season – projects that also dispel the myth that only pink and red are good for the holidays. There are other colors that also work, such as aqua . . . in my humble opinion.
For My Aqua Valentine I’ve tried it with my projects a bit easier, and so far, so good. One of my favorites that I’ve done this Valentine's day wreath. With a little bit of typography action. Because I love typography.
I also have a surprising ingredient (no, not the Baker’s twine). I give credit to my friend Julie Lewis for showing me how to use it . . . Read more and find out what it is.
DIY Valentine wreath
Collect These Supplies

Green floral wreath, 10″ (or other white to work
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Martha Stewart acrylic paint – Metallic Gold wedding cake
FolkArt acrylic paint – Aqua
wood circle – 2″
wood dowel rod – 3/16″); and a minimum of 16″ long
Something of the dowel, some sand
Baker’s twine – turquoise
brush – saw; to fit with a flat brush and a detail brush
craft glue
Transfer paper
Stencil tape
The series “14 in” printed in the font of your choice the wood circle

and . . . .

white moss rubber!! (the secret ingredient)

Here are all the goodies. Well, most of them.
Spend some time with your painting wreath form. Because it takes green and white time! I should have used white primer first, but I didn’t have some on me. So, if you are expecting don’t either, only that you have multiple layers.
dries While the color, cut the dowel rod to fit and then sand the ends. I recommend an X-Acto to cut, I don’t.
Poke holes in your wreath with some kind of pokey tool. A stylus will work, if it’s thin enough – I used a mechanical pencil. It must be large enough to insert the dowel.
Once you have the holes large enough to slide the dowel to the “stuff” in the holes out. Then touch around the edges with white paint, because you might be able to see a bit of green.
So here’s the “14”, I wanted to use. I recommend font a circus-y. Because they are cool looking. You can search the web and you can easily find a font like this.
Paint your wooden circle with aqua and drylet.br> Now you can transfer the “14”, the wood circle with transfer paper. Place the paper with the shiny side down on the circle, then you put the 14 on top. Use the template to trace the contours.
See? The 14 is transferred to, and now you can paint it! It takes a little bit, but just be patient. Fill in the 14 with the white color, and make sure that you have a detail brush.
While you wait for the 14 is too dry, wrap the wreath with baker’s twine. Glue the ends on the back. Mod smorgasbord of the wooden circle (well, it’s is dry). You can see the seal of the wreath as well, so if something is touched, the white color that doesn’t chip off, and show green.
Here’s where the FOAM is coming! It’s the arrow head and tail pieces. Can you believe it? Thanks To Julie! Draw an arrow head and two tail-pieces, then cut with scissors or a cutter knife.
Paint the pieces gold. Can you believe, you can paint, craft foam? I know!
you Glue the arrow pieces to the dowels and the circle for the wreath. Let everything dry for 24 hours before hanging.
be My valentine wreath is simple and clean and perfect for me. I love it!

Click on the image above to find out more aqua Valentine’s-day-projects (okay visit, not all of the aqua, but shades of it).

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