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Mod Smorgasbord Of Pure Colors Tinted Glasses

Have you tried the Mod smorgasbord of pure colors? They are so easy to use – set this simple, beautiful tinted glasses in just a few minutes!

Hi, it’s Courtney from crafts by Courtney. Today I’m sharing have one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done.
; ve been surfing my Coastal Living Magazine and see all these beautiful blue vases. I really wanted to try to re-create one for my craft room. I went and found save to my local craft and bottles of Mod-hodgepodge Sheer colors. She had the perfect shade of blue, I wanted to use.
My boyfriend got me these sweet little jars for my birthday I thought they would be perfect to give you the coastal makeover tint of sheer.
tinted glasses
Collect These Supplies

Mod smorgasbord of pure colors
decorative rope

First steps
For this project, you can use, no matter what kind of glass you want. I loved this so much and thought it would be perfect to store some of my craft supplies in.
I was super excited to get started!!
step 1 – Prep glass
I took apart my glass to paint so that it would be a little easier.
step 2 – Adding a staining Jar

Now the easy part, by their color! I went over the whole jar with my sheer tint and let dry, 30 minutes.
Quick tip: I tested the tint out on a further glass with a foam brush. All I wanted was the finish’t as smooth as I it. This jar file, I used a brush, and the results were very much better.
step 3 – Add a last layer of shade
For my tinted glasses, I have a total of two layers to each glass. I was debating on a third, but I really like how the two coats, it turned out, so I left it.
step 4 – Last-cut
Now you’let's finish our project by adding our decorative shell on the front!!
I pulled out a rope and used it to my starfish. Super to see a simple project, right?!
These are going to look great in my new craft room! I decorate a ton of the blue mason jars to be around you. I really like how the starfish optic on the front!
This is really a very beautiful blue color!
I can’t wait to try more projects with the Mod-hodgepodge Sheer Tint! It was really nice and so easy to use. I see some Spring projects in my future!!
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