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Mod Patchwork Fabric Coffee Table

This fabric coffee table was easy to make with Mod-hodgepodge! You buy a piece of furniture from IKEA or goodwill and give it a unique makeover.

fabric coffee table
There are so many things I like about sillie.smile’s table.
1) you would NOT believe how easy this is.

2) The fabric is from IKEA and reminds me very much of Orla Kiely, I love.

3) to make This table as easy to use.
So? How do you do it? First of all, you need a table. IKEA to recycle some of the great ones, cheap, but so does your local Goodwill, if you're not near the big IKEA or just to. Secondly, a piece of cloth must, of course. You can have a great local fabric shop, or live near a Jo-Ann.
Everything you do – and Yes, this is easy – is, cut the fabric to patchwork to fit the table and then Mod it down. My recommendation to you is that you cut the fabric just slightly smaller than the table, because during the smoothing operation, the tissue to expand.
as well as on the fabric, and then smooth out to the corners. Do NOT put Mod hodgepodge to work anywhere in the table, a time when it is dry, before you even have a chance, you make your way to the outside.
Good smoothers include puller suitable, rulers, even a rolling pin. Make sure that the edge is smooth to sharp as you run the risk of tearing the tissue. Gently, but consistently, and you shouldn’t have any problems.
Finally, I recommend Hard layer of Mod smorgasbord to seal all of the furniture, for added durability above and beyond the regular stuff. Now you can wear and tear your finished project!

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