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Mod patchwork reversible Christmas decorations

Hello fellow Mod Podgers! I’m Jessica from Mom 4 Real, and today I want to show you how to make these cute Mod patchwork reversible Christmas ornaments. I'm a big fan of simple and inexpensive manufacture, and these ornaments are both cost-effective and super easy to use!
you need to. unfinished paper mache’ ornaments (you could also use spools of blank ribbon), scrapbook or wrapping paper, letters, ribbon, foam brush, and of course, the Mod-hodgepodge I also use the squeegee from the Mod-hodgepodge-Tool-kit.
Begin by tracing your circles on the paper of your choice. Since I have my 3-ornaments, I needed 6 to cover the fronts and backs.
Next, coat one side of your jewelry with a thin layer of Mod-smorgasbord.
Smooth is one of your cut circles on your jewelry from. I have this cool Mod hodgepodge squeegee to smooth out any wrinkles, but feel free to use an old gift card, or your fingers, if you don’t.
Now you apply a thin layer of Mod-smorgasbord on the upper side of the paper. This will help to seal your paper and give it a beautiful Shine. Repeat this process on the other side of the ornament.
both sides are dry as soon As, apply a thick coat of Mod-smorgasbord, all the way to their jewelry.
Press your ribbon cutting all the way around the ornament at the end., just Mod smorgasbord on the back of your letters and place them firmly on the front of your ornaments. Let it dry, then hang em’ where you want!
As you can see, I opted for JOY. The beauty of this simple ornaments that you can make them say what you want, and when you rotate, the back is just as beautiful as the front! To have thank you so much for me, and have a merry Christmas. Don’t forget to visit me at Mom 4 Real for more craft ideas!

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