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Mod smorgasbord of Easter eggs for a great holiday

Incorporate decoupage in your holiday celebrations with these 18 Mod smorgasbord of Easter eggs. Ideas for all ages and the whole family!

The time for Easter-egg-craft is in the vicinity! Did you know that Easter is in March this year? Almost, but it’s coming right up.
you can be sure that I want to integrate them, decoupage your Easter crafting, and I’ve found an easy way to do it – Mod smorgasbord of Easter eggs.
An egg is only so big, right? So all the crafting with an Easter egg must be done relatively quickly, at least more so than a chest of drawers or something.
Are you ready to get your Easter egg craft? Check out these 18 unique ideas for the Mod smorgasbord of Easter eggs!
Mod smorgasbord of Easter eggs

egg shells
cups in A cool mosaic effect on the outside of an egg – with eggs!
(The original tutorial from gingerbread snowflakes is no longer available, so you can use the photo for inspiration)

damask Print
to Add a damask design to a blown-out egg, with your favorite decoupage medium.
to See how it was done at Farm Boy City Girl

Baker’s Twine
to cover It’s so easy old eggs with baker’s twine, and turn them into a fun display.
you can Find the step-by-step to Landeelu

paper & ribbon
The base of this pretty paper and ribbon Mod conglomeration of eggs of Styrofoam!
Learn how to use them here at Mod conglomeration of rocks

fabric strip
tag plastic eggs from last year with scraps of fabric and Mod-smorgasbord.
See how they were made at Tatertots & Jello

Origami papers
Use your favorite pretty origami papers, decoupage some old plastic eggs.
Learn how to do it on Our family trip

children’ crafts
Give your children some plastic eggs, Mod smorgasbord and ornaments – and let them decorate to your heart’s content!
Learn more at Love Bug's life

Not only these eggs are decoupaged, but you can download a template for a basket as well.
get the instructions on Khelleigh Kratzlaff Designs

Stamped feelings
Paint old plastic eggs and then add your favorite Easter words with stamping on fabric.
Learn how to take in B2C

belts & jewellery
Easter egg craft an elegant route with the pages of the book and the jewels.
Learn to Inspire how they were made, co.

recycled pulp
Don’t throw those old fabric scraps away – save this for covering plastic eggs.
Learn how to do it to Pinch your pennies

Jill Dipped painted this papier-mâché eggs, then dipped in glitter for a special touch.
Learn how to made to Create.Craft.Love.

String Surprise
This is a simple string, eggs, water balloons – the best part of the price inside.
Find out how you at Simply Modern mom

Floral napkins
The designs on napkins are so steep, it looks like you printed, right on the eggs.
get the instructions at Brown paper packages

Bright Glitter
you Use Mod collection and your favorite bright glitter colors to make this statement eggs.
instructions can be found in Plaid

Pressed flowers
pressed flowers, Mod smorgasbord and eggs need to this pretty display.
Learn more about the project at Rook No. 17

family silhouettes
the non-traditional way with the eggs by decoupaging black and white silhouettes Go. This is one of my favorite Easter craft ever!!!!
Learn more about the project at Rook No. 17

Tissue paper
tag plastic eggs on a budget, with a Mod collection and tissue paper.
get the instructions on Sweeter Than candy

I've Always Wanted a Decoupage guitar
Decorate boxes with handmade paper feathers
Doily wall art the Easy way, On a budget!