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Mod Patchwork Photo Transfer Medium: My Top Tips!

If you are wondering how to use Mod patchwork photo transfer medium, here are my top tips. Learn how to be successful with this article! To see, scroll down to a video of the process in action!

Have you? ever Mod patchwork photo transfer medium It’s a great recipe – one of my Mod-hodgepodge-y favorites (I use them to transfer photos on wood!).It’s also one of the formulas that I get the most questions about, so I thought I’d share some tips about the use of these funds, a photo transfer with them.Mod conglomeration, in General, is really easy to use, but the photo transfer medium, it takes a bit of practice. This isn’t want to be daunting – it’s actually the opposite!It’s not nearly as hard as knitting, which is also one of my favorite crafts. I learned to knit, at the age of 15 and dirty like you wouldn’t believe it. But I stopped, and now I love it.And that’s the way I feel about the Mod patchwork photo transfer medium.So here’s promised to the point: you’re going to master it! With a little practice and patience, you’ll find a photo-transfer-ninja. Here are some of my most important tips for Mod-patchwork photo transfer medium.Mod smorgasbord of photo-Transfer tips1) do you think clear that the medium isn’t. When people ask me, “why should I photo Mod hodgepodge transfer instead of a regular Mod smorgasbord?” Well . . . this is a big reason.This is’t only Mod-smorgasbord in a different bottle.It’s a product, meant for the transfer of the photos and produced an opaque, white background. This means that you can use it on dark colored items. To plan your project accordingly.2) Print your image on a dry-toner printer; don’t use real photos. Both inkjet and laserjet works printer, has a printer only to a dry toner. So to say, like, if your printer toner? To say it’s difficult. Laserjet works 99% of the time. Inkjet . . . it just depends.My HP works very well, because it is a very dry ink. There are over 10,000 different printers, so I’ I;d say your best bet is to do a little test, if you’re not sure. This will help you practice! Grab a small scrap of paper, and print out a small picture – let’s say 2″, or 3″ square.expert tip: if you print to print a picture with words – rotate the image on your computer before! The words come out correctly when you the transfer.3) Make sure you have enough medium on the image. So here’s in my process. I cut the image down to size, and then place it face up on my Mod-hodgepodge silicone Mat. I use a foam brush and carry the transfer medium over the upper side of the photo until the image is completely obscured – which means, I can’t see all photo.Then I use a finger nail or tweezers to pick up, the corner of the image, flip it over, and put it down on the surface. I use my Mod hodgepodge brayer, roll-out of the image.If you have the right amount of medium, not much (if at all) come out of the sides. If it is, wipe off, so it will dry and be stuck there, if you don’t!Let your photo transfer to dry for 24 hours.4) Take a lot of patience and care when rubbing the paper. This is probably the most difficult part of the whole thing. You need to wet your item and RUB the paper and shows the images below. To think it’s a little weird wet your craft project, and you’re going, “am I doing this right?”you can Start easily and RUB the paper backing – let it dry, to see what is being done, you’ve. If your image doesn’t look right, re-wet and repeat. As you begin to get more experience, you’ll have to see how much exactly you can RUB to reveal the image without ruining it.Because if you RUB too hard you RUB the image away . . . and we don’t want that! I RUB with medium pressure, then I usually let them dry and RUB again if necessary. These days, I’m good enough to make it on the first try! You can get it, too.5) you Expect a vintage-style image. This (for me) an advantage over just Mod Podging a picture to the bottom. Well, that, and the item is washable (if it’s fabric). But I love the vintage-y look, which is a photo-transfer.It’s a less sharp version of a real photos, and it has its own unique look, which I appreciate. Once you try it, you’ll see exactly what I mean. The soft, vintage-y look is really beautiful in home decor. I think you’re going to like it!I’d love to know also, what questions do you have about the Mod patchwork photo transfer medium in the comments! And if you’re ready to see the video of the process, all you have to do is click on “play” in the middle of the video below:

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