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Mod Smorgasbord Of Extreme Glitter: Your Complete Guide!

you Know everything about the Mod smorgasbord of Extreme glitter formula! Find out what it is, how to use it, and see some unique projects that you can make. I already wrote an article about the Mod hodgepodge of Glitter, the original glitter-Mod-hodgepodge. Now I’m excited to tell you about the Mod smorgasbord of Extreme Glitter – Sparkle’s SUPER bling-y younger sister!If you love the fine surface of the Sparkle, but want to take it up a notch . . . this is your Mod hodgepodge formula. Extreme glitter is really extremely – what I know is already in the name, but if you’ll use it’find ll you that the best way to describe it!!Mod smorgasbord of Sparkle has a type of the medium-sized hologram glitter – Extreme Glitter offers THREE types of holographic glitter in ultra-fine size! It is more glitter per ounce in the Extreme formula as the sparkle. Let me show you: It’s one of those formulas that you REALLY have to try to see how amazing it is. And what I love the most? NO MESS! It’s also perfect for holiday projects, from Halloween to Christmas.Cathie and Steve address this formula, which (among other things) in the following video:

Now you’let's move it to the FAQ!questions To the Mod-hodgepodge Extreme glitter1. What is the difference between Mod Glitter hodgepodge and Mod smorgasbord of Extreme Glitter? Mod hodgepodge Sparkle has larger holographic glitter pieces; Extreme Glitter has three different glitters that are fine ultra. For more glitter – Extreme Glitter. Sparkle is a bit more subtle.2. How do I know which sparkly formula should I take? There’t rules! You’ll want to the formula, the finish to the sheen you like the best. Sparkle is a little bit of glitter – Extreme glitter is a lot, if you want. But I would say, you can’t lose with either!3. What is the goal of Extreme Glitter? It dries with a clear Gloss base and a lot of Shine.4. What are the areas I can this formula? the formula can be directly used on a variety of surfaces such as: wood, tin, Terra cotta, canvas, paper mache, and even glass or ceramic, if the finished glass surface used for decorative purposes only.NOTE: Extreme glitter shows up best on dark surfaces! It is also obscure words, given the amount of glitter.5. How should I use this formula? It is best to decoupaged to brush a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the projection surface, as well as evenly on the back of the paper. Flip the paper, put it on the project surface to glue the accession of glue, and then press to smooth out any wrinkles or trapped air pockets with a Mod hodgepodge Brayer or squeegee.TIP: For a smooth application of the paper for the project surface, use Mod smorgasbord of Matte or Gloss to hold the paper. Although the Mod smorgasbord of Extreme Glitter can be used to paste the paper, which may interfere with the additional dimension of the glitter particles, if with a thin, lightweight paper. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes before applying a top layer of Mod smorgasbord of Extreme Glitter.For a simple and fast interface, apply a smooth, moderate layer of Mod smorgasbord of Extreme glitter to the decoupaged surface. If additional glitter effects are desired, brush on additional layers, so that sufficient dry time between applications.If desired, a light spray of Mod-hodgepodge acrylic Sealer can be applied as a final topcoat for added protection. NOTE: the Mod-hodgepodge acrylic Sealer, and changes the gloss of Mod smorgasbord of Extreme Glitter.6. I need to shake the bottle before use? no, shaking can cause bubbles. Mod smorgasbord of Extreme Glitter can be stirred to integrate fully before use the product.7. What is the best applicator tool to apply this formula? A variety of applicators and tools that can be used with Mod-hodgepodge of Extreme Glitter including foam Spouncers or a bristle brush.Perfect for the application of Mod hodgepodge smoothly without brush marks, Mod smorgasbord golden Taklon bristle brushes come in various sizes and widths, such as, for example:Mod hodgepodge 2 ΒΌ "brush-applicator with rounded edges, the less visible brushstrokesMod hodgepodge 4" brush applicator for large surfacesMod hodgepodge of furniture-a brush with longer, to handle easily handles and bristles, ensure a smooth applicationMod hodgepodge Decoupage brush with short bristles, perfect for working in narrow dimensional rangespurchase them from Michaels, WalMart, and other craft supplies.8. How do I clean my applicator tools and brushes after use of this product? Clean all Mod-hodgepodge applicator tools (brush, squeegee, and/or brayer) and wet with soap and water. You can do it immediately, while the tools are still wet, before it dries. To dry if you happen to the brushes, to s, here’, how to remove Mod-smorgasbord.9. How should I care for a project, if this formula is applied? A decoupaged surface with Mod smorgasbord of Extreme Glitter is not for indoor decorative purposes only, dishwasher or washing machine safe, or safe for outdoor decorations. to clean your project, wipe clean with a damp, soft cloth, do not fully immerse in water.Are you ready for some project ideas using Mod smorgasbord of Extreme Glitter? Check, this! Extreme Glitter tray Eleven-gift-container photo transfer ornaments hand-made holiday greeting cards Personalized keepsake box cardboard gift-tag-ornaments photo wreath ornament Christmas string light ornaments

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