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Mod Hodgepodge Waterproof? Here You Will Find Out!

I run a Mod hodgepodge blog and get asked all the time, “Is Mod hodgepodge waterproof?” you can Find the answer here, with more details (and solutions).
Hello! If you’re with me Is the quick answer to the question “Mod hodgepodge waterproof?” I’d like to let you know: NO. Of course, there is also a more detailed answer, but I thought that some of you want to know immediately, and so it is.
If you’d like to find out more details – and some of the solutions Mod hodgepodge waterproof – I’m here for you. One of the most common questions I on this blog by readers, “Is Mod hodgepodge waterproof for roller coasters?”
In General, someone could make coasters for a gift and are interested in how to make coasters waterproof as well as heat resistant. What would be expected, since coasters are exposed to water from the glasses, as well as the extreme heat of hot drinks.
There are many other projects that the craftsmen are interested in, waterproof (except roller coasters) such as garden items or anything that might be outside on a porch or terrace. Children’ tables and chests of drawers are another common theme, based on the fact that children can be rough on things and also so many buried.
So now let’s answer to the question you’re all the questions in detail: Mod hodgepodge waterproof?
Mod hodgepodge Waterproof?
not As I said before, no, Mod hodgepodge is waterproof. The longer answer has to do with the make-up of the product. Mod hodgepodge acetate is a craft-supply made up of several ingredients, including vinyl. The combination results in a product that is somewhat water resistant, but not waterproof.
If a few drops of water on the Mod-conglomeration project, you can wipe it away with ease. You go to aren’t to ruin, the of their craft with just a little water.
The Problem is, if something is exposed, Mod Podged to a lot of water. The product is not “a built” for immersion or exposure to water over a long period of time (and consistently). To put, for example, you wouldn’t want anything, just sealing with Mod-smorgasbord in your shower. This applies to Mod-hodgepodge, like all of the other decoupage media.
note: if there is water you could find on your Mod hodgepodge project for a longer period of time, that some of the tarnish. In General, if you remove the water, the Mod smorgasbord will slowly dry to clear again. You may, however, see some permanent cloudiness and/or rings.
What is it with Outdoor Mod smorgasbord?
Learn more about the Mod-smorgasbord in the Free here. As I mentioned in the article, the Mod-smorgasbord in the open water of theproof. It is Extremely water resistant (more than normal hodgepodge). This means that, if you want a decoupage Element to sit on a covered porch where it is not exposed to weather 24 hours a day, you are OK with this formula by itself.
HOWEVER, if you are in Seattle life, and your project is always raining, or you live in Arizona, and the sun is beating down on your craft, all the time, I suggest, a further sealing is waterpoof and/or UV-resistant on top.

What is the dishwasher safe Mod smorgasbord?
. It is very strongly water-repellent (top-rack dishwasher-safe), but also this formula is’t absolutely water-proof.
This version of the Mod smorgasbord is very durable and perfect for use with cups or placemats, or something that is exposed to the water, but not for a long time. People make glitter cups, all the time with this medium and it's running last for a long time after repeated dishwasher.
Mod hodgepodge permanent (since it isn’t waterproof)?
Technically, no. BUT if you Mod the hodgepodge of a piece of paper on wood, it’s not to off without some serious work. You’d have to peel the paper, or sand it, or leave the water for a longer period of time (which would probably be at the end of the wood ruin that, too!). Mod smorgasbord comes from the glass more easily than other surfaces, and soaking usually works to get rid of it.
For my purposes, and I mean, art crafts, Mod hodgepodge is quite durable. I’ve seen 50 years old-projects from the Creator of the Mod-hodgepodge (Jan Wetstone), which are still going strong. So while I can’t *technically* say that the product is durable, you’re going to have a hard time to remove it.
you Need to seal Mod smorgasbord?
no, you don't need to seal Mod smorgasbord. It is a glue, sealer and finish all in one. The Mod-hodgepodge hardware-Coat-in-all, very robust features make it suitable for the sealing of furniture. But sometimes you need to break out the big guns and you want to waterproof a project relative!
For times when I recommend a product such as Thompson’s WaterSeal painted right over the top, after your decoupage project is completely dry.
This doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to dip your project (I don’t recommend, always diving, a decoupage craft), but it is pretty close to exposed to waterproof in terms of rain or other water on a regular basis.
And while we’re on the subject of waterproofing, let’s back to eight tracks.
; s WaterSeal on roller coasters and it will be good for most applications. Thompson’s and Minwax Polycrylic are often of Etsy sellers that sell eight cars.
The only Problem is, if your item is exposed to extreme heat (would be like a sieve). Then you’ want;ll likely to be a resin. You can learn more about Dimensional Magic vs resin here.
Mod hodgepodge waterproof? No. But it’s highly waterproof, and if you’re looking for a hard decoupage medium, it’s right for you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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