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Mod hodgepodge of letters with Wallpaper

This Mod conglomeration of letters with anaglypta – otherwise known as textured Wallpaper. These are easy to create and make a beautiful decoration!

Well, this Mod conglomeration of letters project is my one-year-man-Podgerversary! Amy and I have exchanged, the traditional year gift of paper (and Mod-smorgasbord!).
all of my imagination and I’m very grateful for Amy, for giving me the opportunity and to all who have left comments or asked questions. Thank You!
So . . . I'm kind of addicted to the Mod hodgepodge of letters and typography. A while ago I started my own letters for use in some HOME to sign for my Etsy shop. But I'm always looking for a different way of things.
recently I learned about Anaglypta – which I assumed was an Egyptian Pharaoh, but was told that it is, instead, a Victorian Wallpaper made to imitate detailed plaster.
I had a large pile of it on the flea market and even thought I didn't know what to do, I thought it was cool and picked it up (you find modern versions of it at a wallpaper store or even Lowes).
I thought for this project, maybe it would be cool to combine my addiction to Mod hodgepodge of letters with my new-found appreciation of Anaglypta.
Mod hodgepodge of letters with Anaglypta need Wallpapers

letters – I have my own chunky, wooden letters, but you could use anything – wood, cardboard etc
Spray paint
cutter knife (not shown)
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Tinkering and Painting (not pictured)
brush (not in picture)

So first, I put my letters on the Anaglypta and put my lines. My letters are thick, and I wanted to wrap the paper around three sides.
I also fit a dry, just to make sure everything is lined up.
Anaglypta is Wallpaper, but I did not to much with Wallpaper glue and Mod smorgasbord proved to be the ideal alternative – it is easier to work with and forgive a little more than just glue.
I just brushed a fairly thick layer of Mod smorgasbord on the Anaglypta and then applied to the letter, fold it around the edges. The dimensions of my letters thought that not all pages could be covered at once so I had to attach some of their own pieces. I don't have to worry about the matching pattern.
After everything had dried adequately, I cut off any excess with my craft knife (make sure it is really sharp) and I had my letters.
then I have each letter a light coat of my sky-blue spray paint. And to emphasize, then, the texture I'm white on each letter with a dry brush and just a tiny bit – only the tips of the raised pattern to beat.
And I was done.
This Mod conglomeration of letters were pretty easy to make and would be even easier if you did just the face of the letter.
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