Emilie Bier Do it Your Self

Mod Hodgepodge Of Decorative Light Switch Covers

Use Mod patchwork and fabric to create a decorative light-switch covers, from boring to fun in just a few minutes.

I haven’t posted switch plates in quite a while, and I'm asked, how it covers, decorative light switch all the time. Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio booked, your fabric, switch plates, and you outlined a pretty great process for the production of them.
working One thing that you noticed that in the standard way, cut a slot for the switch and back flaps’t for you . . . so instead of stitching on a look at this you pushed through the hole.
This gave her an extra piece on the finished back, you see above. If you have sewing skills, you can choose to exit the same way that you did!
If you are a beginner looking for a project (AND you want to cute-ify your home), then this is your project. It’s also a great stashbuster for paper or fabric. Check out the additional Mod Podged switch plates here. We have also includes a complete tutorial on how to make your own decorative light switch. You just click on the image below!

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