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Mod hodgepodge DIY cookbook Revamp with fabric Mod conglomeration of rocks

This DIY cookbook is so easy – all you need is an old cook book, Mod patchwork and fabric! Simply choose your favorite pattern and get started. So easy!

The introduction of amber from Crazy Little projects and DIY-cookbook tag! Amber is a talented all-round craftsman, and I really love your projects, especially your recipes.
It’s good that it is Amber’s project today Mod Podging is your beat-up cookbook. I’ll let you show how it was done.

I have a serious thing for fabric. I just love it. As I found out recently that there is such a thing as fabric Mod hodgepodge, I knew I wanted to try it.
My cookbook is an old photo-album binder, I only have a 4 "x 6" recipe cards in. It works great, but was in serious need of a makeover because it was old and evil.
So I grabbed some cute fabric, a bottle of fabric Mod smorgasbord and a foam brush and in 20 minutes I had to do a brand new cookbook:

you can do this with a book.
Here’s this:

Yuck! For this project you will need a piece of fabric several inches larger than the binder or notebook you wish to cover, and a bottle of fabric Mod smorgasbord.

I started by cutting a piece of coordinating fabric on the inside pages of the cover of the book. Spread a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge, and press the fabric in place nice and smooth.

you lay your big piece of fabric under your binder and cut it so that it is a few inches wider than the binder on each side.

Now you spread a thin layer of Mod smorgasbord on the front of the binder.

firmly Press the fabric in place on the front of the binder and smooth to ensure that no bubbles or wrinkles. You do this on both the front and the back, as well as the spine.

Now, starting on one side of the binder, spread a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge along the edge of the fabric and fold it under about 1 inch.

do It again – spread Mod hodgepodge on the part you just folded under and this time fold it over to the binder and glue it in place.

by means to Do this on the top and on the bottom of the binding.

Now do it on the side of the binder. The exact same thing.

It should look like this when you are finished. You do this on the front and the back, and you have covered a nice new cloth recipe binder.

Don’t forget to visit Amber at Crazy Little projects and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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