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Mod hodgepodge DIY-charm-bracelet-Tutorial

Are you looking for a fun jewelry craft or a unique gift idea? This DIY-charm-bracelet is made with cute fabric-and three-Dimensional magic!

I’m you say now – you don’t have enough jewelry. I know you think you do, but really, you have to help don’t. So I’m here to give you more.
it was Two things, the influence on the creation of this DIY charm bracelet: 1) I’ve my wardrobe trying to spice, as I mentioned a few months ago and 2) plaid has new Mod smorgasbord of products!
The desire for new products to include the new recipes, as well as Podgeables, the fun surfaces to decoupage. The line includes these stimuli.
I’m always skeptical of a new product in General. I’m going to be honest with you, I can be negative. “Why do I need something new?”, I ask myself. Um, you need these Podgeable surfaces.
so. I get messages from the beginning Mod Podgers say all the time to me that you have problems with wrinkles.
I recommend starting with a charm bracelet like this. Fold won’t get. And you won believe’t how easy it was to put together.
DIY charm bracelet
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge Matt
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
Mod hodgepodge Podgeable shapes – Basic
Mod hodgepodge Tracing templates – Basic shapes
FolkArt paint – Buttercup and a pen (this part is optional)
fuel – the Schnitzel factory
jewelry making accessories – I have a chain, Lobster clasp and five jump rings
- scissors

Here are your two best friends in this project. I’ll tell you why you need the comprehensible forms in a moment.
Prepare the fabric with Mod-hodgepodge. This means that color, a medium layer and let it dry. This makes it easy to cut and no fraying.
This is where the templates come in handy. If you cut the trace around the outside of the shapes and cut out the shape of something too large and you have to. The templates correspond to the forms – except when I traced and cut the pieces to fit just right and no trimming.
This is the fun part. You cut the fabric on the back of the charm.
location, your charm on the top side of the fabric and press down. If you misplaced the charm, just the fabric from pulling off quickly, add a bit more of a hodgepodge, to the charm and down then press again. Let dry.
So here’s the optional part. I thought it would be a fun accent to add polka dots to the edges of the stimuli. I made it with paint and a pen. I know, but I couldn’t help me!
Once everything is dry, add Dimensional magic to the top.
Let it dry in a relatively warm area. Don’t put a fan on it – it will crack! You need to be patient, it takes a while. But it’s worth it. The DM adds a shiny, epoxy look to the project.
Add your charms to the chain. Originally, I had six charms, but realized while I was working, I was only five. Isn’t it be awesome as a boss of your own craft?
Now you can wear your DIY jewelry to your next picnic or queen’s ball. Wrong’t the cherries, perfect for the summer? One thing this DIY-charm-bracelet I also love that the shapes easily. I can’t to heavy jewelry are available.
For a summer bracelet option, the recycled t-shirt bracelet idea is funny:

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