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Mod Conglomeration Of Tissue-Paper Stained Glass (So Easy!)

you can Create a faux stained glass look with Mod conglomeration of tissue-paper stained glass. This is one of the easiest decoupage projects, you’ll never do that.

people Ask me often, how you Mod conglomeration of tissue paper without folding. Honestly, I have the feeling that for most people (myself included), it’s quite heavy. Especially if the tissue paper is in large sheets!
of Tissue paper on the glassBut it IS a way to Mod conglomeration of tissue paper on glass for a faux stained glass effect, WITHOUT any wrinkles! To cut, you’re to forms that tissue paper to the bottom of large leaves. Let me show you what I've done.At one point in my life, I got ahold of some cool glass jars with an attached lid: I'm not clear liked but – I wanted a little spice up. So, what is a Mod Podger to do? Now, of course, decoupage them with tissue paper.I love tissue paper on glass because with the light, there is a bit of a faux stained glass look. As you can see from my first images. So, how could I do it? Everything that I used, tissue die-paper, a Sizzix machine with a circle and Mod hodgepodge Shine. If you don’t have a Sizzix, you can create a circle stencil or a stamp.I find that I just blow up with tissue paper, when I punch the several pieces of paper at a time, AND include a piece of normal paper. Otherwise, the tissue will fold paper into the punch bowl. Keep that in mind! The Sizzix is beautiful, simply because there's a lot of tissue-paper cuts at once. Available In various sizes. Once you have the circles, the Mod-pick-and-mix you down (very carefully, so that you don’t wear). layering circles in different colors of tissue paper gives you a cool effect. Once you are done layering, apply a final layer and allow the two containers in a dry place. The Mod conglomeration of tissue paper on the glass creates a beautiful effect when the light shines through!
This updates the Container are so colorful, and you can you. with all the shades of paper and shapes you like I’m partial to the blue . . .for More Mod conglomeration of tissue paper projects, I also have a faux stained glass project home for children. Check it out!

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