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They cover every size of the box in fabric and use them to give jewelry – by these DIY-gift-boxes with Mod-hodgepodge!
Hello lovely Mod Podgers! It’ Rachel again from lines Across. I really love to come up with creative ways to wrap gifts. So much so, in fact, that I just released a new website for all things gift wrap related called Let’s Wrap stuff. Stop by and check it out. You can even submit your own gift paper-ideas (even if you don’t have a blog!).
you have a lot of fun fabric around and make you’re not sure what to do with it? You might have a couple of sweet scraps, leftover from another project. Or maybe, like me, you can’t buy shaped cuts of pretty fabric in the discount to resist the strange-save am on the craft.
This fabric covered jewelry DIY gift boxes are perfect scrap-busting project. You can tie a small loop to the top and you use to give this hand-crafted box, a special gift, or you can save just a couple of your own jewelry in and add a little more color to your closet.
With a fabric-gift-boxes
What you need:

fabric Mod hotchpotch
jewelry gift Box

What you do:
1. To begin, cut a piece of fabric, the top or the bottom or your box. Make sure you leave extra room to cover the sides. Dab a medium-sized layer of fabric Mod smorgasbord on the top of the box. You can also hodgepodge by using a regular Mod, but the fabric Mod smorgasbord has to penetrate a thicker texture, which seems to be in the tissue.
2. Place the fabric on the top of the box and you press down, so that the fabric is smooth and there are no bubbles. I wanted to feel the box, such as the fabric, so that I would not get any Mod hodgepodge add on the fabric.
3. As this dries, turn the lid over and cut carefully along each corner of the frame, as shown in the image below.
4. Dab Mod smorgasbord around the outer edges of the box, and fold over the fabric pieces. If you have a thin fabric, you can also fold the fabric over the box and paste Mod smorgasbord on the inside of the box as well. This results in a very finished-looking edge on the outside of the box. You could also very carefully cut out the fabric right over the edges of the box. Repeat the same process for the bottom of the box. (It would also be nice, just add fabric to the lid.)
5. If you touch want to add more, you could cut a piece of felt and attach it with fabric Mod smorgasbord to the inside top and inside bottom of the box. It will also show the uneven edges of the fabric, the could by. I used bright yellow felt for the top and bottom. (If I could do it again I would of white felt for the bottom, since it can barely see.)
6. Since I have the box wanted to feel like fabric, I didn’t add any Mod smorgasbord on the outer side of the fabric. But I have to go back and add a very small amount of Mod-hodgepodge along the edges and corners to prevent chafing. Make sure you give the box plenty of time to dry before the top to the bottom.

What’s great is that you can cover any size of the box with fabric and use them to give jewelry, like this hand knotted leather bracelet. You can also covered in seasonal colors and fabrics for special occasions such as Christmas, and also of little substance-to give boxes, other items such as gift cards.
be Sure to stop Let’s Wrap stuff for more creative packaging ideas, free printables, and tutorials, such as this 24-Halloween-bags-and-boxes, or the sleepy lion gift wrap.

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